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Emotional intelligence, hope, mindfulness, and compassion help a person reverse the damage of chronic stress and build great leadership relationships. The Positive and Negative Emotional Attractors inspire sustained, desired change and learning at many levels....

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4 de sep. de 2017

I really enjoyed this course. it helped me to refresh some of the concepts I had learned early in m career as well as see actual case study work as it applies to the corporate environment that im in.


27 de abr. de 2020

I am so glad to bump into this course during COVID-19. To get my PEA and help the others with their PEA are great! I highly recommend this all of those who just stepped into their leadership roles.

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por Martina F

23 de oct. de 2018

I really enjoyed taking this course and I believe that the content is really useful.


It has a good theory - practice balance and this maintains it interesting and dynamic.

Professor Richard is a very good speaker. He manages to explain concepts in a very engaging, clear and entertaining way.

The content (videos, readings and exercises) are very good.

CONS (these are the reasons why I put three stars and not four or five):

It could be shorter than what it is. I believe concepts are stretched too much, the course could take 2 weeks less.

Readings and exercises take much longer than what indicated throughout the course.

In some cases (not many) the readings given weren't available.

por Orsolya N

15 de may. de 2017

It was a fantastic and self motivating course. Since I am in coursera the Case Western Reserve University's courses are one of the best. I am so sad that I did not have a chance to study there

por Geeta R

11 de nov. de 2016

The exercises are not very interesting. The exercises initially focusses on identifying a leader who we have worked with but It should also focus on how am I as a leader, what is my level of emotional intelligence, how do I scale up basis some test etc. I lost interest in the course because it was more about seeing some one else as a leader than myself.

There is a lot of research into the course yet it is too theoretical & not put in precise & interesting manner. The module needs to be shorter.

por R.Ravi

22 de nov. de 2020

An amazing course conducted by a giant in the field- Prof. Richard Boyatzis, in a very affable manner with a dash of humour and a ton of research backed evidence! Such an inspirational programme!

por Aggie H

28 de abr. de 2020

I am so glad to bump into this course during COVID-19. To get my PEA and help the others with their PEA are great! I highly recommend this all of those who just stepped into their leadership roles.

por Bernard D V

28 de mar. de 2020

Very complete and deep course about Emotional Intelligence. It might be hard to follow sometimes due to the big amount of information but it's worth it. The teacher's knowledge is really impressive

por Paul K

13 de feb. de 2019

At a certain point in the course the work goes from a few ours a week to over 10 hours a week.

The course does not ever state that the workload increases 5 fold from one week to the next.

Please modify the course to clearly state that this is the case. OR make the additional work optional!

por Anatoly G

7 de sep. de 2018

Assignment too cumbersome. (Interview 10-20 people and then write an essay... Seriously?)

por Andrei T O

8 de ene. de 2017

This course requires that you already are a manager or are in a position very similar to a manager. More importantly, this course is filled with "neuro-babble". The fact that the hoax (by now debunked) of the "positivity ratio" and the "attractors of happiness" are still in the course and presented as fact is a big red flag. Not recommended.

por Celeste C

12 de oct. de 2017

Inspiring, very clearly explained with excellent activities. Content, theory, material and specially the instructor have created a very useful and exciting learning experience. Thank you!

por Alexandra E

21 de feb. de 2019

Great course, but quite time-consuming and challenging

por Mahesh P

18 de jun. de 2017

It was a fantastic learning experience. Key learnings included :

1) Why our emotions & feelings matter in creating a successful life & fantastic relationships at home and in the workplace.

2) What is Resonant leadership and how resonant leaders help in making a huge difference in how companies and employees perform.

3) Identifying Negative Emotional Attractor (NEA) & creating Positive Emotional Attractor (PEA). And how it impacts us neurologically (at the brain level).

4) How coaching with compassion & PEA is the way to coach.

5) Creating a Personal Vision (Ideal Self).

6) What helps and hinders one's path to the Ideal Self or to success.

Looking forward to the next module : Women in Leadership.

I recommend this course to everyone. Whoever is interested in leadership (moms, dads, teachers, business people, managers, everyone...), please invest some time in learning these wonderful tools that will definitely help you create an extraordinary successful life.

por NIKI F

25 de mar. de 2019

I loved the course, kept me engaged but most importantly inspired me or the future. I went through very interesting theories such as: coaching with compassion, intentional change theory, emotional intelligence. I loved the assignments, especially the one with the coaching sessions, which made me feel and experience the concepts related to it. I highly recommend this course for any career level, hierarchy level or field. I think it will help anyone do better, feel better and live better in both personal and professional life. Thank you Dr.Boyatzis!

por Andreas K

2 de ene. de 2020

I really enjoyed the course. All the course material as well as the assignments were engaging and inspiring. The course addressed a lot of topics that I have encountered in my career and provided valuable insights and techniques for an effective leadership and interaction with various teams.


5 de sep. de 2017

I really enjoyed this course. it helped me to refresh some of the concepts I had learned early in m career as well as see actual case study work as it applies to the corporate environment that im in.


28 de jun. de 2018

Although I have not yet completed this course BUT whatever I have learnt, is awesome. Love Richard Boyatzis. An excellent Trainer!!! Would that I can attend his classes live. Impressed!!!

por marta b a

1 de mar. de 2019

It was great experience. If you take all personal assignments seriously and reflect on them, it is very valuable course.

por Daniel O

8 de dic. de 2017

I have never regretted enrolling in the Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence course. It has indeed been a course that has provided me with new knowledge, ideas, and a broader perspective relating to ;life in general. How could I be in a position to understand emotional, social and cognitive intelligence and their applicability in my personal life, work, and relationship? Not to mention dealing with chronic stress as a leader and the need for renewal. Professor Boyatzis is such an intelligent professor. One thing that made fell in love with this course is the exercises, the ALA, PLA. The course is a combination of both theory and practice which I thought was the best for some of us which brought out some hidden talents. The lecture notes, videos, reading materials and various case studies were excellent. In my candid opinion, human beings will make life more better including nature surrounding us if most people will have the opportunity to take this course. Many thanks prof. You are genius!

por Neuza t C

1 de jul. de 2019

Informações de grande relevância, atualizadas e que desafiam os alunos para novos patamares de aprendizado.

Estou particularmente encantada com a forma e o conteúdo do curso, apesar das dificuldades.

Considerando que busco fazer o curso em Português por vezes tenho bastante dificuldades com as traduções, tanto as ofertadas pelo curso quanto as que tenho que traduzir para dar sequencia ao curso.

Isto tem feito com que meu rendimento seja baixo e me preocupa se estou tendo o devido entendimento dos conteúdos apresentados.

Espero, de qualquer maneira, concluir, pela qualidade e importância do tema que está agregando bastante ao trabalho que desenvolvo.


26 de sep. de 2020

Curso incrível! Inspirador. Fez-me olhar para dentro, buscar autoconhecimento, fez-me buscar novos hábitos, como o desenvolvimento da meditação diária, olhar com mais compaixão para os seres, buscar desenvolver a empatia. Estou buscado a mudança a cada dia a mudança em meus pensamentos, buscando manter-me em PEA, rechaçando situações e pessoas que me levam ao NEA. Melhores nas interações com meus amigos e familiares e entendo que tudo isso é só o começo de uma história de contínua mudança em busca do meu EU IDEAL.

por Kay P

16 de nov. de 2021

A well-structured course that managed to go from general into depth and taught me a lot about multiple aspect of Emotional Intelligence and Coaching. As a remark, if you really want to get something out of this course, 12 hours is not nearly enough. The articles, 2-3 per week, took me at least 1 hour each. I would say I invested about 40 hours in this course to feel comfortable with the learnings I took out of it.

por Ryan F

11 de jun. de 2020

Broken buggy quizzes asking you to analyze impossible to categorize ramblings that give no feedback on right/wrong answers prevent completion and detract from learning. Then you can't go onto the next course. So they get to just keep charging you. This is a scam.

por Bill M

16 de may. de 2017

I felt this course was an exception. The design and delivery were organized in such a compelling and applicable manner it made the learning engaging and useful. I feel that this was one of the best online education classes I've experienced. The professor was engaging and conveyed the concepts in an easy to understand manner. The exercises were a nice mix of easy reflection combined with slightly more difficult essay and one to two more challenging pieces to get you to think about applying to techniques. I also really appreciated the additions of the recommended and supplemental readings. That gave additional resources that I plan on returning to in the future for deeper dive into some of the topics. I feel this was well worth my time and money. Well done.

por Thubten D

21 de may. de 2022

This course is outstanding. Rich in tools and informaiton. It is without doubt one of the best things I have done in my life. It will help me to grow and make a difference to the teams around me. I am so grateful to Coursera and Prof. Boyatzis for this course. the generosity, love, kindness and inspiration of Prof shines through as well as the richness of research and study. I cannot thank you all highly enough for this course and I recommend it to anyone looking to be a better boss, manager, leader, coach, or simply looking to inspire change in others. Wonderful. Prof went above and beyond in designing this course. Thank you

por Maria J C

13 de jun. de 2020

What I loved the most of this course was the easiness to practice everything that I was learning, the tasks or assignments help me to understand better the different aspects of myself that I need to work on in order to became a better leader. I enjoyed the process of understanding what are the reactions in my body, mind and the impact that my words or actions could have in the people around me, and how all this could be changed to have a shared vision and improve the organizational climate of the institution. This course gave me a lot of tools to change both in a personal and a profesional way.