Para quién es esta clase: This course is aimed at students, researchers, and practitioners who wish to understand more about strategic interactions. You must be comfortable with mathematical thinking and rigorous arguments. Relatively little specific math is required; but you should be familiar with basic probability theory (for example, you should know what a conditional probability is), and some very light calculus would be helpful.

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During my postgraduate degree programme, I could learn basics of game theory. After that, I started to love the field and waiting for more opportunities to explore the theory. This Coursera's game theory course gave me a solid foundation on that and encouraged me to explore more. I will continue learning Game Theory, because it helps me in my career life. I work for the government in planning and policy related matters. Therefore, Game Theory is a helpful tool to me analyzing public policies. Thank you Coursera Team, Stanford University and The University of British Columbia for offering this interesting course. I expect to complete the follow up course in the near future.

Un curso increíble: cumple lo que promete y el alumno obtiene una muestra de cómo abordar tópicos, no enteramente triviales, con una perspectiva pragmatista y con los pies en la tierra. Las demostraciones se han mantenido en un estricto mínimo. Recomendabilísimo.

Very informative, the professors were great, would recommend this course to other people for sure.

Really enjoy the course and thanks for sharing ! However, if the story line could be a little bit more clear, I think that will be more helpful for the process of learning.