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Volver a Leadership in Interprofessional Informatics

Leadership in Interprofessional Informatics , University of Minnesota

Acerca de este Curso

This course, students in the health and information technology professions will examine models for interprofessional collaboration and teamwork, practice communication techniques to promote effective interaction, and envision futures literacy in interprofessional informatics scenarios. We will hear from nurses and other informaticians who are leading and working interprofessionally, and glean insights from their diverse perspectives. When we think about the requisite variety of leadership skills that are essential in nursing informatics, we may deduce that leadership in interprofessional informatics will demand at least that diversity or more. We’ll expand our nursing informatics leadership vision to include these interprofessional applications of the Competing Values Framework and the Minnesota Nursing Informatics Leadership Inventory. Students will: Define the term interprofessionality to support the development of an interprofessional informatics leadership skill set Describe how the competing values framework supports knowledge leadership and interprofessional informatics practice to achieve collective impact in health care contexts Explain the core competencies expected to support culturally-sensitive interprofessional practice to deepen leadership insights in interprofessional informatics Discuss selected policy, practice, and standardization issues related to knowledge representation and framing to support interprofessional informatics practice Analyze the future of interprofessional informatics leadership to develop an anticipatory leadership skill set...
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