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Acerca del Curso

The objectives of this course are: -To introduce participants to different concepts of love, to empower them to be conscious of the power of love and the possibility of practicing it in everyday life, and to highlight in particular the idea of love as a force for social justice. -To communicate a sense of personal strength and empowerment by actively learning from each other and beginning to define how participants can apply their learning in service to society. This course will explore the concept of agape love (compassion/kindness) as a force for social justice and action and as the inspiration for service and the application of knowledge to positive social change. Biological, psychological, religious, and social perspectives of love will be discussed, drawing on the expertise of people from a variety of disciplines. During the six-week course, the following topics will be raised and discussed: kinds of love/defining love; non-violent communication; love and the biology of the brain; love as a basic concept of religious and ethical beliefs (e.g., Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Gandhian); love applied in action, and poetic expressions of love as a social force. This curriculum aims to foster a sense of the importance of love as a key phenomenon in creating community, connection, and functional societies among humans. Course materials will draw from a variety of sources. One of the goals of the class is to provide participants with some knowledge of the literature of love, and readings for the course are listed in the outline of the course on the pages that follow....

Principales reseñas

31 de oct. de 2019

I learned to find ways to look at how ordinary and mundane moments can be lived extraordinarily. This made me radically change my perspective on love and living life fully.

23 de ago. de 2020

Anne Firth Murray was a wonderful professor. Loved her interviews as well as the structure of her class. Great experience and I would take any of her classes. Thank you!

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por Kimberly J L

1 de nov. de 2019

I learned to find ways to look at how ordinary and mundane moments can be lived extraordinarily. This made me radically change my perspective on love and living life fully.

por Kiran H

27 de may. de 2018

Love as a Force for Social Justice is a great course to open up your mind and open up possibilities to look at the World with a pair of new eyes :-)

por Edij

27 de mar. de 2018

A wonderful course. So many courses are overwhelmingly available now. To me this one is like a hidden treasure.

A treasure because mastering the lessons and skills taught in this course is sufficient, in my view, to fulfill whatever good purpose I may have in my life, whether to become a successful and happy career person, or to have a meaningful live.

Hidden because it is not in the most popular course list in MOOC survey, to the best of my knowledge.

Thank you to all who have made this course available.

por Lauren d S

4 de mar. de 2018

This course was really inspiring and life changing. I have learnt practical ways to express love in my every day life on a micro-level, but also about how my choices can make a different on a macro-level. Thank you!

por Evelyn D K

15 de ene. de 2018

Indeed a good course very well adapted to this plataform.

Unfortunally theres no much attendance and the schedule actitvities goes past due.

por Deleted A

18 de ago. de 2018

I studied this course on an audit basis, so haven't had the benefit of doing all the assignments. I may upgrade and complete the assignments later. I enjoyed the course and learned a great deal. There are a few areas of discussion I'd like to see expanded if the course is revised at any stage.

1) Firstly, one of the greatest causes of sadness and pain in the world, is warfare. There is a link to a very interesting research paper on the effectiveness of non-violent approaches to dispute settlement vs war. I'd like to see the subject of love and violence discussed in the context of, "If one is a soldier, is it an unusual and yet acceptable form of love to commit violent acts, in order to protect one's country, society or family from some form of oppressive tyranny?" This is perhaps the most controversial discussion we could have about love and violence, but I think it's worth exploring.

2) Whilst I respect (and even love) those with religious beliefs, I'd prefer to see equal time/weight in the course given to non-religious, atheistic or agnostic views on what love means to different people.

Finally, an observation, when one of the speakers is talking about the tenets of Sufism (in the Islam section) she refers to 'the hands to strike with' - so many more creative, loving uses of the hands to consider methinks.

Thanks for providing this course Anne, it made me think about many aspects of love and our general approach to people, animals, the envrionment and business. I was particularly excited by the Nipun Metha video about designing for generosity, and the young students' talk at the end about how the course would impact their future lives was filled with great wisdom for such young minds.

por Marlaina R

29 de abr. de 2018

Outstanding class! I have to knock a star off because some of the assignment instruction prompts did not match the grading rubrics. That meant that sometimes I would follow the assignment prompt exactly, but the questions posted for peer grading would have different requirements for the assignment and we would not receive full credit even though we followed the instructions.

por Saurabh D

19 de ago. de 2020

The course 'Love as a Force for Social Justice' is beautifully crafted toward understanding the ontology of agape love, and what it entails. The course enables us to empathetically look into our surroundings where there are still many human beings who selflessly care for the other. The course also facilitates a dialogue around the importance of practicing agape in our day to day lives, in institutions like medical facilities and the success stories emerging out from being kind and compassionate toward the other.

The course also enables us to understand the power of love in Social Change Movements where the latter is instrumental in demanding Social Justice for the marginalized groups and the ones who have faced violence. Last but not least this course helps you to think in different paradigmatic ways about your ultimate goal in life. I extend my sincere gratitude to the instructor Prof. Anne Murray and her team. I wish very good luck to my fellow participants who may feel empowered like me in the times after the course. Cheers!

por Leah G

21 de oct. de 2017

I found this course to be very interesting, and I thought that the videos in particular, with people discussing love from all sorts of viewpoints (philosophical/religious, neuroscience, business, art and music, and so on) were really eye-opening. Writing the essays and reading my classmates' work was an equally interesting piece of the project, because being on the lookout for instances of agape love in my life as a subject for the next week's essay really made me more aware of how much love is all around us every day. I do want to mention to future students that the readings here may be a little long sometimes, but many of them were also extremely interesting, and overall I found it to be a really worthwhile use of my study time. This class is for everyone. We all spend so much of our education studying wars and violence and actions spurred by hatred- why not change our academic lens a bit and focus on studying love sometimes, too? I found it refreshing.

por Antonia S

22 de jul. de 2020

I wasn't looking for this course, but it found me. During this time of pandemic, learning about how love can be a force for living a life of purpose helped me feel hopeful, creative, and committed to carry on and do what I can to help others carry on as well. I found the topics covered to be very relevant to the times. The learning approach and materials, the sharing of the resource persons, the writing assignments focusing on insight-promoting reflection questions -- these provided a rich learning experience which I feel can have a transformative influence in both my personal and my professional life. Many thanks to Anne Firth Murray and team for this course, indeed a gift that I know will keep on giving.

por Leonor C A C

27 de may. de 2020

This was an excellent course. It changed my view of love and I now I see that I need to be aware to be able to make the decision to make an act of love. I am very grateful to professor Anne Firth Murray for thanks to her I feel I have changed as a person. I feel more responsibility now to practice and teach agape love to people around me and contribute to create a society that lives to love. I would love to do another course regarding love, a deeper level, with professor Anne Firth Murray.

por Alice M

29 de ago. de 2020

This course made me look at violence from a very different perspective. It's a very good initiative taken by Coursera to sensitize the world about how love can conquer violence. The importance of Agape love has been highlighted beautifully through reference materials and videos. The discussions were brilliant. It has exposed me to look at social justice from a different angle and how love and compassion can bring a change in the outlook of society.

por Skylar L

7 de jul. de 2020

My only complaint about this course was that I wasn't able to give it the full attention it deserved. I didn't really know what to expect while coming into this course, but if I had to briefly sum it up, I would say that this course is about identifying acts of love, the history of love, love in action, and love on a bigger scale. Highly recommend this course.

por Iasmin L G

23 de jul. de 2020

The course is marvelous, outstanding. The teacher Anne Firth Murray is stunning and extremely clever. The course and the topics overcame my expectations. Everyone else should do this course, it is a big lesson of humanity and empathy. I feel more human after this course and I can, finally, see my role at the society while woman and while person.

por Steve F

24 de jul. de 2020

This was an excellent course. Thank you.

We had a local discussion group and enjoyed getting together weekly to discuss the material. If there is one thing we would add to the course, it would be a discussion of forgiveness and its relation to agape love.

Thanks again for understanding and compassion you are providing globally. Well done.

por Carmen S

22 de jul. de 2020

I am delighted that I took this course. I have learned so much about Love and its relationship with Social Justice. Living a life with love is instrumental in fostering and assessing social justice. l feel such a difference in my attitude toward others. This course is an inspiration for a career path. Thank You, Carmen Schaye

por Rosaura S E

31 de ago. de 2020

Content and instructor conversations are very well structured and organized. Is a course that helps us explore and deepen in those things we value, question and often hope were changed and which can bring justice with a little more openness to the different experiences of love which lead to empathy and social justice.

por Pia T

15 de oct. de 2020

I liked reading about the different love and hear people speak about their resurge, experiences and participating in the discussions. I got more viewpoints, and also saw how people could overcome very difficult situations.

I'm happy I took the class, even I had to start 3 times, it was worth while.

thank you


por Amy J

9 de jul. de 2020

This was an incredibly empowering and timely class especially during such this tumultuous epoch in world history. I thoroughly enjoyed the talks, readings, and writing assignments, and I urge anyone with an interest in the broadest and deepest forms of love to enroll.

por Preethy M

10 de oct. de 2020

I am happy that I did this course. Looking forward to its continuation or the next level of the course. Could learn that love is such a powerful force and by aligning to it we could make a just society. I would recommend this course to everyone I know. Thank you .

por Jessica D

18 de jul. de 2020

Exceptional class with great concepts, knowledge, beliefs and values. The structure of class was doable. Loved all the readings and guest speakers. Amazing class: Love as a Force for Social Justice. Thank you very much! Jessica Domanay, Los Angeles, CA

por Martina C

15 de jun. de 2020

What I really loved about this course is that it reinforced the idea of how strong love is as a force for a better world. How lobe for others and compassion is essential in social change. Thanks for teaching this wonderful course

por Daithi M W

31 de mar. de 2018

Very stimulating and interesting course. There's a big variety of different perspectives on the main topics. Also, I thought the assignments and extra reading were all very informative and thought-provoking.

por Gabriela P

21 de ago. de 2020

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