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Welcome to Understanding Memory. Someone once said that memory is fascinating because sometimes we forget what we want to remember, sometimes we remember what we want to forget, and sometimes we remember events that never happened or never happened the way we remember them. I want to show you how memory works, why it sometimes fails, and what we can do to enhance it. Based on my recent book – Memory and Movies: What Films Can Teach Us About Memory (MIT Press, 2015) – I will provide an introduction to the scientific study of human memory by focusing on a select group of topics that hold widespread appeal. To facilitate your understanding, I will use clips from numerous films to illustrate different aspects of memory – describing what has been learned about memory in a nontechnical way for people with no prior background in psychology. Many of us love watching movies because they offer an unparalleled opportunity for entertainment, even if entertaining films are not always scientifically accurate. Still, I believe that we can learn a lot about memory from popular films, if we watch them with an educated eye. Welcome once more. I am looking forward to showing you what movies can teach us about memory. John Seamon Professor of Psychology Emeritus Wesleyan University...

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Mar 19, 2017

This was a fascinating course and the movie content he used was amazing. I would like to look into it further and am hoping there was a similar course or an extra course to expand on the content.


Mar 10, 2017

As the course has included movies to explain important concepts, it never gets boring. As a result a link is maintained throughout. It is a small course giving a great understanding about memory.

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por Carlos G R C

Jul 11, 2017

muy bueno

por Stegaru M P

Mar 09, 2017

The idea of linking the concepts to movies is really good. I hope to see a course that continues what I've learned so far

por Patricia M

Oct 24, 2016

Short course with well prepared and presented information. I would highly recommend this course for those interested in memory and aging. The use of film is very helpful with illustrating concepts and providing insightful examples to accompany instruction.

por Eddah K

Jun 18, 2016

It was an eye opener. I learnt a lot about memory. I also discovered a number of new movies.

por LUIZ A S S

Oct 04, 2016

Excelente curso, foi muito bom aprender sobre memória de maneira criativa e aproveitosa.

por JOHN Q

Feb 18, 2016

Interesting, enjoyable,and well taught course!

por Julian B

Jan 30, 2017

I enjoyed this course. I signed up because I like movies, but really this course is about the psychology of memory. It uses movies to demonstrate its key points.

It's not a difficult course to complete. The content is manageable on a week by week basis

por Carole C

Dec 02, 2016

I loved everything in the course: the structure, going in depth in the concepts, the little quizzes and the movie clips. Thank you!

por Arun K

Oct 22, 2016

Great course, it is refreshing to revisit topic in psychology with a different perspective. I like that Professor Seamon demonstrates various phenomena associated with Hollywood films. It helps to look at the films and the psychological phenomena from a different angel and definitely enhanced my learning. If I am not wrong, he is teaching us psychology applying our episodic memory so that we retain the learning for long. Thank you.

por Jutta A

Jul 09, 2017

Very interesting course with up-to-date information on memory. As a big movie fan I really liked the combination of science and movies. Thank you, Professor Seamon!

por Linda B

Sep 27, 2016

This course about memory is very informative about a subject that everyone thinks about, around the world.

We learn about the different types of memory, and about how age affects our memory as we get older, there are lectures on dementia and Alzheimers Disease, and a lecture on how to live healthy to keep our memory from aging early.

The Professor uses movies to give us a visual on the topic discussed, which is a very helpful learning tool as well as entertaining.

I highly recommend taking this course.

por Tatiana P W

Jul 31, 2017

Great course!


Oct 22, 2017

easy to grasp concepts , interesting medium

por Andreia D

May 30, 2017

It was very interesting and helpful. Thank you for the great classes!

por Katerina K

Oct 31, 2016

Very intriguing and carefully structured course. It was pleasant and easy to watch and understand the lectures, even without having any backround knowledge on the field. Great work,indeed.

por Prateek R

May 19, 2016

Really liked the idea of using movie clips.. -- gives audio/visual illustration/example to textual psychology topics..

por Stephanie A

Feb 19, 2018

I found this course very delightful. Every concept carefully and simply explained for one to understand it. with or without medical background and of course, always accompanied with a movie example to better portrait what the topic was. I truly enjoyed it!

por Isabelle V

Sep 06, 2016

Very entertaining way of presenting a serious topic. Although the professor speaks in a rather low voice, the many movie clips make this course very enjoyable. I recommend it!

por K A E

Feb 20, 2016

Fabulous course. Great techniques and impressive use of movies to illustrate memory principals. I would and will highly recommend this course.

por Bhawana B

Jun 17, 2016

I am loving this course...It provides such a different perspective to memory. And explaining it with the movies makes it easy to relate and understand.

por Aurora G V

Aug 16, 2017

Me gustó

por Eyram

Jul 20, 2017

This was a very interesting way to learn about memory!

por Luisa G P P

Feb 20, 2017


por Dany P

Aug 29, 2017

It was super entertaining and cool but the best part is that I understood many things I didn't know and now I know some things that are helping me with my memory.

por Janis F

Jul 07, 2016

Course was fascinating! Clearly presented. I loved the structure with a summary at the end of each lecture. The quizzes contained only information that was included in the lectures. Easy familiarity of the instructor made me feel like we were having a friendly discussion. Instructor intended to present information to the general public rather than psychology majors & he accomplished that goal. This is my favorite MOOC so far & I never expected to find one I liked more than the