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In this course, you will gain an understanding of the theory underlying optimal portfolio construction, the different ways portfolios are actually built in practice and how to measure and manage the risk of such portfolios. You will start by studying how imperfect correlation between assets leads to diversified and optimal portfolios as well as the consequences in terms of asset pricing. Then, you will learn how to shape an investor's profile and build an adequate portfolio by combining strategic and tactical asset allocations. Finally, you will have a more in-depth look at risk: its different facets and the appropriate tools and techniques to measure it, manage it and hedge it. Key speakers from UBS, our corporate partner, will regularly add a practical perspective on these different topics as you progress through the course....

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9 de sep. de 2016

Great! This course will help you learn how to make a proper portfolio which optimally matched to your risk&return preference and how to manage your portfolio's risk level with financial instruments.


25 de nov. de 2020

Definitely not for people without economical and some math knowledge, but Great content, and fully recommend for anybody looking to improve their knowledge to better take care of your portfolio!

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por Mona A A

18 de ago. de 2020


por Souhardya G

4 de ago. de 2020


por Wadhah A

25 de ene. de 2018


por Mohammad s g

18 de ene. de 2022


por Shu N

21 de feb. de 2021


por Mohamad K A

11 de feb. de 2019


por Saurabh M

23 de jun. de 2021


por Afra A A M A D

12 de ago. de 2020


por Jonathan M

15 de may. de 2017


por giglione

6 de may. de 2020

Very good course overall. Dr Girardin and Ines Chaib are very pedagogical in their approach (i.e. taking time to put themselves in the shoes of the listener and aiming at a limited but reasonable amount of information to teach). Other professors are less pedagogic in my view and run into complex notions without taking enough time to give explanation (e.g., going into put, call, strike, options in less than 2 minutes is rather difficult for the listener to follow).

Regarding the form of the course please note the following : i) adding sources, units and legend to all graphs would be welcome ; ii) avoid double negation during quizz (eg Q4 quiz 3.1) ; iii) review mistakes in the transcript (e.g, Basel = Bazaar or current = Q-hunt)

por T. V

17 de ago. de 2019

Another enjoyable course in the Investment Management Specialization. This one was the most technical by far. Weeks 3-4 must were challenging to follow, I had to watch them more than once. For people who don't have a background in statistics / economics I think this course will be too technical. The lecture about Basel regulation was rushed, I didn't really get the point of that lesson. All in all still a good course, I especially liked the lectures about derivatives and hedging risk using options.

por Carlos J R F

21 de ago. de 2017

Beautiful Course. It clarifies concepts and introduce new ones on options. I guess practice makes perfect, because some ideas and concepts fade too fast. Some professors are easier to follow than others. Translated text could improve. Some modules could use an uplift with users comments. This is my first course of the specialization, and I believe I will try to make the whole thing (that wasn´t my idea at first).


por Rohini B

1 de jun. de 2020

I enjoyed the teaching a lot, i wish we could have more questions to learn the maths of problems as one example is not enough. Maybe 10 with the all the working out done with numbers so one can truly learn fully. Thank you to this wonderful team of teachers. I would really like to see if this can be updated to reflect the effect of covid-19

por Jorge C

25 de sep. de 2021

Although short in time because Risk applied to Finance can be very extensive. The course was well presented and explained. One have indeed to self complete these knowledge in practical working activities. In times of economic ups and downs it serves to take caution when using financial tools.

por Daniel B

7 de oct. de 2016

The course was good and further founded my knowledge of investing as an individual investor. It had helpful practical insights on which macroeconomic parameters to look out for in particualr and how computing the major finance parameters when it comes to the number crunshing.

por Sanskar V

26 de ene. de 2021

The explanations are good. The last module was very difficult and I couldn't grasp its concepts. More examples and detailed explainations were needed in the last module; I wish Michel taught the last module cause he explains in a very simple manner along with good examples

por Mante

20 de mar. de 2017

I really liked that there were multiple instructors. Their French accent was a bit hard to understand sometimes: 'asseta-location' vs 'asset allocation'.

Good historic overview of how risk management evolved over time, and good ideas and solutions to manage risk.

por Mira E K

26 de nov. de 2020

In some videos, the professor would explain the formula without applying an example. It would have been clearer if there were actual numbers, especially when it came to the VaR and Expected Shortfall. Other than that, it was great. Thank you, much appreciated.

por Dan M

23 de nov. de 2020

When a request is made to the student for an analytical calculation the presenter should provide the detailed worked out solution, only with some of the material presented in this section did that occur. To me that was a difference maker for that presenter.

por Russell L M

2 de abr. de 2021

Another good course in this Specialization. Some of the computations for concepts such as VaR and Expected Shortfall could have been better explained with examples. Otherwise, I really learned a lot about risk and how to hedge against it.

por Nishant P

30 de mar. de 2020

The course was well driven by the professors with easy examples yet I feel module 4 was a bit tricky as lots of technicalities. Thanks to all professors and other guest speakers who made it more interactive. Special thanks to Prof. Tony.

por Y D

12 de mar. de 2018

Great course that covers all the basics about portfolio and risk management. The later part of the course focuses on hedging and risk calculations which are very useful. Lectures are well structured and mostly good to follow.

por Dr. S M A T

23 de jul. de 2020

This course has increased my knowledge and understanding of portfolio and risk management. Many important topics have been covered by the instructors which are useful for the learners of finance.

por Elly M

4 de may. de 2018

Great course - wish there were more examples or exercises on the more technical, math-intensive topics like VaR and ES instead of just an extended explanation of the theory behind the formulas.

por Sachin P X

10 de mar. de 2019

Great learning in this course, however the currency risk portion could have been explained in more detail and with more patience. It was a hard topic to grasp. But, overall a very good course.