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Este curso se centra en los conceptos y las herramientas que permiten realizar análisis de datos modernos de forma reproducible. La investigación reproducible se basa en la idea de que los análisis de datos y, en general, las afirmaciones científicas, se publican con sus datos y el código del software para que otros puedan verificar los hallazgos y basarse en ellos. La necesidad de reproducibilidad aumenta drásticamente a medida que los análisis de datos se vuelven más complejos, con conjuntos de datos más grandes y cálculos más sofisticados. La reproducibilidad permite que las personas se centren en el contenido real de un análisis de datos, en lugar de en los detalles superficiales que aparecen en un resumen escrito. Además, la reproducibilidad hace que un análisis sea más útil para otros, ya que los datos y el código que en realidad permitieron llevar a cabo el análisis están disponibles. Este curso se centrará en las herramientas de análisis estadístico alfabetizadas que permiten publicar los análisis de datos en un único documento que permite a otros ejecutar fácilmente el mismo análisis para obtener los mismos resultados....

Principales reseñas

12 de feb. de 2016

My favorite course, at least it gives me an argument why scripted statistics is awesome and can be applied to a number of data related activities. Recycling chunks of code has proven useful to me.

19 de ago. de 2020

A very important course that greatly improved my ability to communicate the findings of any sort of data analysis that I perform. This is a critical skill to acquire to "deliver the means."

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1 de nov. de 2016


por manoj k

31 de ago. de 2016


por Chandan K S

13 de nov. de 2020



17 de jul. de 2020


por Rizwan M

5 de sep. de 2019


por SriHari a

21 de abr. de 2019


por Amit K R

27 de nov. de 2017


por Jay B

24 de ago. de 2017


por Yi-Yang L

10 de abr. de 2017


por Oleksandr F

24 de nov. de 2016


por 朱荣荣

11 de mar. de 2016


por Meidani P

3 de dic. de 2021


por Suriya

24 de feb. de 2018


por Marat G

22 de mar. de 2017


por Jeffrey P

15 de mar. de 2016

By far the most time consuming, yet rewarding course in the data science specialization thus far. Literate Programing in general and R Markdown in particular are simple enough as concepts, but do take some time to grow accustomed to. However, I found the course to be a compelling argument for reproducibility that has application beyond just Data Science proper.

Although the technology is completely different, the concepts behind reproducibility really resonated with me and the work I do managing a division in Application Development. I'm constantly having to balance seemingly limitless demands, limited resources, and the difficulty of retaining staff in highly-competitive industry. Reproducibility becomes not just the basis for cross-training, product stabilization, and growth, but is a necessary ingredient of a team's survival.

This course not only cemented my own thoughts on the topic, but gave me some new ideas and tools for process improvement on the job.

por Nicolas L

15 de abr. de 2020

El proyecto final del curso tiene poco que ver con lo enseñado a lo largo de éste, era muy necesario haber tomado los cursos anteriores (en especial R programming y Exploración de Datos). Además, el proyecto debería estar mejor planificado, se buscaba que la mayor parte del tiempo estuviera en limpiar la data? O un objetivo más fuerte era el uso de gráficos más elaborados u otro al interior de RMarkdown? O un análisis un poco más elaborado que sólo sumar?

por Siying R

21 de oct. de 2018

This course teaches how to present a R code analysis that others can run the code to reproduce the same result. The length of the lecture is minimum and the project helps me to make the reproducible analysis on my own. One thing I would like to see improvement is that the instructor's speech. I hope that he can speak more smoothly without stopping to repeat words. It was quite a struggle to listen to his talking. Thank you.

por Travis M

2 de abr. de 2016

The first assignment should occur during the second week instead of the first given how the material is presented. The second and final project is very time consuming. Ideally this course should run for 6 weeks instead of 4 because of this. The second project is challenging and it definitely drives home the point about reproducible result given the state of the raw data.

por David R

22 de oct. de 2018

I don't think the content of this course was as polished as the others in the specialisation, the lectures seemed to be a mixture of repeats and videoed lecture room talks, based on content I'd probably have given 3 stars, however the 2 course projects, which were quite challenging given lecture content pulled it up, I found these very worthwhile.

por Erik A

17 de ene. de 2017

The concept is very important, so it's good that this course is available. The video's are sometimes not that great of quality. It's okay to show recordings of lectures, but the sound is of less quality.

Another thing is that the teacher says a lot of "euhm". I know he cannot help that, but once you notice this it becomes a bit annoying.

por Charles K

31 de jul. de 2016

Pretty good course that introduces a lot of useful tools and the concept of reproduciblity. However, it is not quite as applicable as the previous courses for those who are individual contributors in the private sector and rarely have others double check their analyses or need to publish anything.

por Felipe P

29 de feb. de 2016

In this course, there was a slide presentation with audio recorded in a classroom. This part of the course should be replaced as soon as possible to offer better experience. As it is presented right now, with a loudy environment, it really doesn't match to the quality of the other courses.

por Werner S

28 de nov. de 2016

Besides the "real" scientists like medicine or bioscience, I think the whole community would be better off it everybody would follow the principles laid out here: Do your analysis but make sure that others can follow the rationale and that your steps are documented and thus reproducible.

por Jose P M L

23 de oct. de 2020

This is a very useful course, it shows how to search your research in a complete manner. This is very important and even though its an easier course, the idea is important. The audio in the lessons that are taken from professor Peng real classrom is deficient. Its hard to keep track

por Bernie P

19 de jun. de 2018

Good theory course. As someone who holds a masters and worked through half of a PhD it wasn't super useful for me personally since I was aware of the power and need for reproducibility. It's not worth while but having more of a business use case for the need might be helpful.