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Volver a Gender, Family, and Social Change in Contemporary South Korea

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This course examines the transformation of Korean society beginning around the turn of the 20th century to contemporary times. In particular, it explores how shifting categories of masculinity, and by contrast, femininity have impacted upon, and in turn been influenced by social, cultural, and political change. Using multiple disciplinary lenses, we will critically examine how gender intersects with political, social, and economic developments starting with the Confucianization of Korean society during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) up to the contemporary moment of globalization and neoliberal reform. The class will draw on a variety of topics such as traditional views of women, religion, race, class, education, patriarchy, sexuality, imperialism, modernity, war, globalization, the diaspora, among others. Special attention will be placed on the historical, transnational and transdisciplinary connections....

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Feb 21, 2018

Excellent course. I strongly recommend it for anyone interested in Korean culture. I took it because I am writing about KPOP and sexuality but I learnt much more and am really glad I did it.


Aug 11, 2020

thank you so much for taking the course in a well organized way and in clear detail. i wanted to know more about the culture of s korea and it was dealt in depth by the mentors. thank you.

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por Nino D

Jan 08, 2018

I highly recommend taking the course to anyone who wishes to learn more about Gender, Family and Social Change in Contemporary South Korea. The lectures were very interesting and comprehensive. I enjoyed watching and reading materials and, also, writing assignments very much! I am sure you will be as satisfied as I am after you finish this course.

por Elisabeth J

May 30, 2020

The content is very interesting. There are many aspect included to show a comprehensive and multi-dimensional picture of the Gender and Family in South Korea. Sadly, that's also one of the problems of this course: there is too much content, and sometimes it didn't feel like the topics within the same week are related. Another issue were the course tasks: the stated length of the tasks was far too little, e.g. reading 5 texts does not take 5 minutes. I would have liked if the tasks were more connected to the videos and to each other. For example: have a quiz and small discussion throughout the week and at the end write a small essay about the whole content of the week and not only about one article. The ressources are my last problem: sometimes the link didn't work or there wasn't one at all. This should be fixed, otherwise the participants spend hours looking for the texts. It's an interesting topic and I learned a lot about South Korea and it's perspecitve of gender. The way it is delivered can be improved.

por Juan S S A

Aug 07, 2017

This is a wonderful course to understand Korean culture. For everyone who is interested in the success of Korea, its economic development, education model and social changes; this course provide a solid and wide introduction with historical perspective to understand the evolution of the country, focusing on gender roles, traditional family conception, the profound confucian heritage, sexuality construction, women empowerment movements and evolution of Korea during the XX century.

Instructors Hyun Mee Kim & Yoo Theodore Jun made an amazing job preparing the material and explaining the most important aspects of the evolution of the country and the historical background behind all the social realities of Korea. The strategy of the course consists mainly in exposing an important social matter, provide the historical background and additional material to go deeper, focus on causes and consequences and contrast the past with the present. Students are asked for a personal analysis based on the exposed material to ensure a good understanding of each topic.

Congratulations to Yonsei University for its courses. Well-developed, stunning instructors and interesting approach to ensure learning. Thank you so much.

por Regina D

Sep 15, 2020

I enjoyed the lectures. I thought they were informative and I liked learning the history of the various topics. I think that it's about time that some of the readings and weblinks be updated to something a bit more current. It seems like this class was introduced in 2016 but I feel much has happened in the world of gender, family and social change in contemporary South Korea now that we are in 2020. There were some links that didn't work properly. It might be helpful for the instructors to pdf the news articles or chapters from books and post those instead of a weblink. I felt like I was having to search for the item once I was directed to a page or looking to have to pay for a book. There were also some books that were recommended and I couldn't even find it on the internet. It would also be helpful to actually include the video link in the Resources section instead of saying in the lecture go check out this YouTube video and then us having to write down the weblink. All the resources should be easily accessible especially since they are items the professors want us to read and review. I would also give other grading levels besides 0 point or 70 points. I came across some assignments where I felt they were in the middle and not close to a full 70 point assignment. I also think some of the directions could be a bit more clear for the assignments or adding at least how many words the assignments should include so that everyone puts the same clear thought instead of rushing through the assignment in 3-4 sentences.

por Soraia M

Sep 14, 2020

The logistics of this course was completely different than the previous ones, in lieu of focusing on questionnaires and quizzes, this one presents more discussion and assignments. I appreciate the efforts made by the Professors to bring controversial and sensitive topics in a friendly manner. My final undergraduate thesis was about cultural exports of South Korea so I already had baggage on these topics, but more information was presented that enlighted my eyes. Thank you so much!

por Ayşe S K

Jul 24, 2020

This course was rather eye-opening for someone like me who had no prior knowledge about Korean society and women's status in Korean society as independent individuals. Thanks to this course, now I am aware of the effect of Confucianism and modernization in Korea and how it shaped the Korean culture altogether. It also provided insights about the feminist society of Korea which is quite interesting itself and I had a little knowledge of it.

por Antonio M B P

Aug 01, 2020

Strongly recommended, with this course you will learn how the society in Korea is shaped and what's his behavior base on gender roles. I'm very satisfied with the lessons of the course and it gives me a new perspective about gender issues in society and what can we do to propose solutions. If you're a fan of Korean Culture you need to take this course.

por Vahkhonei K

Jun 27, 2020

Very Useful and great way to know more about the studies of Gender family and social changes, helps me in reforming my knowledge about Korea more, moreover I really cherished and enjoy my each moment with this online course provided by Yonsei, Thankyou

por Brenda L J

Jul 24, 2020

A wonderful course for those who are interested in Korean studies. I totally recommend it. It is for both, novice and researchers with experience. If you want to know more about this beautiful country, beyond pop culture, this is the right course.

por 사솅카

Sep 07, 2020

I absolutely loved course. I have had interest in Korean culture and learned Korean language for 8 years now. I have also learned about feminism for maybe 7 years. I was very happy to study the course that has my 2 favourite things combined.

por Catherine H

Dec 22, 2018

I really enjoyed this class!! It really gives valuable insight to why the Korean societal structure is the way that it is, from a long-standing historical standpoint up to modern day ideas and opinions. I would highly recommend this class!

por Prompiriya P

Jun 28, 2020

This course is tailored in great detail, and provides a lot of interesting material to explore on these topics. Professors are very engaging as well even with the accent. My gratitude to professors and teams working on this course.

por Rae C R

Apr 19, 2020

I learned so much and enjoyed the course. I will definitely recommend this to my peers. Anyone can take it and those who finish will be able to understand women’s role in the South Korean society and how far it has developed.

por Colette B

Feb 21, 2018

Excellent course. I strongly recommend it for anyone interested in Korean culture. I took it because I am writing about KPOP and sexuality but I learnt much more and am really glad I did it.

por Omeir s

Aug 11, 2020

thank you so much for taking the course in a well organized way and in clear detail. i wanted to know more about the culture of s korea and it was dealt in depth by the mentors. thank you.

por JOHN Q

May 28, 2017

Interesting course, especially to learn of Korea today in comparison to 50 years ago when I lived there about a year. Fascinating to see the changes socially. Thanks so much!

por anna s

Oct 15, 2020

I really liked this course, I found it engaging and challenging. Perhaps an improvement might be a discussion around war weary countries and conservative morality.

por Juan S R G

Oct 04, 2019

I loved this course, I'm so thankful for this, I had the chance to get close to the Korean culture from a completely different perspective.

por Thanyastree C

May 29, 2020

This is the best course ever. I would like to recommend for those who want to know more and learn about the Korean culture in depth:)

por Julia K

Sep 28, 2020

For me, It was an excellent course, it has given me so much insight into Korean culture. Thank you lecturers very, very much!

por Robin S K

Aug 10, 2017

Excellent information, especially the historical background of Korea and its influence on societal culture.

por Thainá R

Dec 25, 2017

This is a very great course I'd like to recommend to everyone who is interested about Korea society.

por Seonghyun P

Apr 04, 2019

A great overview of current issues that South Korea and its people have to deal with.

por Camila F C S

Oct 17, 2020

An amazing course! I wanna know more about the Korea culture and society

por Karen Q

Oct 04, 2018

A good history and issues surrounding gender in Korea.