Hojas de cálculo para principiantes utilizando Google Sheets

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En este proyecto guiado, tú:

Develop an introductory understanding of how spreadsheets work

Build a spreadsheet model to analyze household expenses

Clock2 hours
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This 2-hour long project-based course is an introduction to spreadsheets. We’ll be using Google Sheets in this project, which is the free spreadsheet program offered by Google. With that said, most of the concepts that you will learn in this project will be applicable to other spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel. We will cover the following concepts in a hands-on manner: - Basic data entry, formatting and calculations - Relative and absolute cell references - Basic functions: concatenate, split, sum, average, median, min, max, count, counta - Advanced functions: vlookup, if, and, or, iferror, countif, countifs, averageif, averageifs, sumif, sumifs - Dealing with error messages - Conditional formatting - Filtering and sorting - Basic charts to visualize our data We will end the project by applying these concepts and create a basic spreadsheet model that helps us analyze household expenses. Note: If you don't have a Google account, you will need to create one to be able to complete the content.

Habilidades que desarrollarás

  • Spreadsheet
  • Business essentials
  • Google Sheets
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization (DataViz)

Aprende paso a paso

En un video que se reproduce en una pantalla dividida con tu área de trabajo, tu instructor te guiará en cada paso:

  1. The Basics - Basic data entry, formatting and calculations

  2. Cell References - Relative and absolute cell references

  3. 9 Basic functions

  4. Dealing with error messages

  5. 11 Advanced functions

  6. Formatting, conditional formatting, sorting and filtering

  7. Building our expense model

  8. Basic charts to visualize our data

Cómo funcionan los proyectos guiados

Tu espacio de trabajo es un escritorio virtual directamente en tu navegador, no requiere descarga.

En un video de pantalla dividida, tu instructor te guía paso a paso




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