Fundamentos Empresariales

Los cursos de fundamentos de negocios abordan las bases del día a día del trabajo empresarial. Desde la redacción comercial y las habilidades de exposición al trabajo en red, la práctica de un protocolo de negocios apropiado y la comunicación efectiva, te prepararás para empezar tu carrera o para pasar al siguiente nivel.


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  • Running a company - or starting one from scratch - requires a knowledge of business fundamentals, as well as proficiency in a number of essential business skills in your toolbox. Many of these business foundations are analytical skills, such as financial modeling and financial management, data analysis and statistics, project management, and decision-making.

    But many of the most important skills you'll need for a successful career in business are all about people. Great interpersonal skills in areas like communication, leadership, and negotiation are often what separate the most successful business leaders from the rest of the pack.

    In short, you need a combination of analytical skills to develop a profitable business plan, as well as the people skills needed to lead your team towards successful execution.