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Welcome! This course is an introduction to the primary concepts of gaming, and an exploration of how these basic concepts affect the way gamers interact with our games. In this course you will understand what defines a “game” and the mechanics and rules behind different types of games. Through four linked assignments you'll learn ways to create and describe a game concept, and specifically what makes a compelling game. This course focuses on the conceptual underpinnings of games, and all assignments can be completed with a pencil and paper – no previous programming knowledge is required....

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12 de abr. de 2020

I really loved doing this course. Learnt how to make a simple game and make it really interesting! I loved how the easily the instructor was able to teach us and make us curious throughout the course.

12 de feb. de 2020

The lecture videos from Professor Fran and his old friend were surprisingly entertaining. Kudos to the team because they were able to make it fun, informative, and engaging throughout the four weeks.

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por Yu X

6 de dic. de 2015

This course inspire me a lot. It is not easy, but with tons of fun. I spent a long time to think out the idea and make it and improve it. I did progress in gaming making as a fresh man. Thank you!

por Annie S

6 de may. de 2020

The course content (videos, mini quizzes, assignments) were really great. Fran explained things in a really accessible way, and used useful examples. The course was in nice bitesize segments and the pace was nicely balanced to make steady progress each week while still challenging you and pushing you creatively.

The only disappointing thing was the community/peer feedback. Unfortunately many people just give a one word answer (presumably to just get their credit) and I feel this is unfair to those of us who take the time to actually review others' work properly. It takes a lot of work to "promote" your assignment in the forum to ask for more feedback so you can hope to get something useful. It also seems that Coursera just takes the first 2 reviews submitted on your assignment, and it's unclear if any more people can even submit feedback (or if they do, whether you'll see it), so I'm not even sure if trying to ask more people for feedback would even work. Across the 4 weeks I probably only got 2 real peer reviews, the rest were "Nice" or "Great" or non-specific. It's a shame because feedback is so important.

I completed this course on a free trial. I might consider paying to continue with the rest of the specialisation as I really got value from the content and assignments, and I would definitely consider paying for it if there was better guarantee around quality feedback. Perhaps pairing people (that way you can see how your buddy and their work evolves over the course), or having a way to request mentor feedback. I would even probably pay for mentor/staff feedback specifically.

por OJ

7 de nov. de 2015

I really enjoyed this course. It was a lot of fun designing and redesigning a game, as well as getting to play other people's games. I enjoyed the lectures and found the peer reviews very helpful.

por Ruaan G

12 de jul. de 2018

Incredibly basic and lean. I was hoping to learn more and the whole 'The faster you go the more money you save' slogan is rubbish because you constantly need to wait for dates to submit assignments. Peers don't give feedback or the UX is bad because I can't find it, and I know I'm not alone. Slightly unimpressed with Coursera thus far, but I will persist and hopefully the rest of this specialization is better. There's also a mistake on the banner of the specialization, saying 'Create Imaginative Games. Design a video game for independent distribution in just four courses. ' - when it's actually five. Poor. Really poor. I feel I might have been better off learning for free on youtube and I know $50 p/m is not a lot for someone in the USA but for those of us from third world hurts a little, especially when we are held back by peer review systems and fixed dates. I've bought training off Udemy for MUCH cheaper (discount specials) and it is vastly superior at the moment, but I must confess this was my first Coursera course. I'm also doing the Gamification one and it seems much better.

por Miguel A

5 de nov. de 2015

Quite useless. I didnt feel that I learned anything at all. Assingments seem to be dessinged by someone very lazy. The limitations of the assingments do not allow the students to practice what its been tought, but it is asked in the peer assingment from the students to evaluate it!. I understand that when calling it "Introduction", it is supposed to be aimed for people totally starting from 0. But still, I cant see how this course is of any use. It is short and does not cover anything. I am very surpirsed that getting the certificate for this course costs the same (in $) than getting the certificate of the Introduction to Principles of Game Design. Principles of Game Design has more than double hours of classes and in the assingments you actually create a game and practice new stuff. This course was very dissappointing.

por juan j á s

14 de oct. de 2015

Fran Krause is the best teacher. He really knows what are games, what we use them for and How make them fun!

In simply steps he tought me that game designing is what i want to do in my life

por Anamaria K

17 de abr. de 2017

The teacher is wonderful, the course is very fun and wonderfully structured - I would highly recommend it! It is in itself like a multiplayer game that I enjoyed playing! :) The peer-reviewed assignments were really allowing me to learn by doing and to gradually learn from my and others' mistakes. All together, it was great!

por Don R G

13 de feb. de 2020

The lecture videos from Professor Fran and his old friend were surprisingly entertaining. Kudos to the team because they were able to make it fun, informative, and engaging throughout the four weeks.

por Light s

15 de jun. de 2020

It was helpful as it showed me several tricks and tips on how to create a story and properly balance a game. While also showing me see how other people could complete something with different ideas.

por Gianmarco D

11 de oct. de 2017

The course is great and I had a lot of fun experimenting with the assignments and trying to come up with different ideas. There's a big problem though, and it revolves around the fact that the course is now followed by a small number of students and the teaching staff is absent, emerging from the shadows just to drop a few answers on the forum every now and then. The course need more love, as the assignments aren't always clear and some support could be of help to students. Anyway, the content is great and it is tuned well to the beginners level.

por Daniel D

3 de dic. de 2018

The videos are excellent and the teacher demonstrate vast knowledge in the area. But, I miss a more professional feedback on our submissions, sometimes it doesn't help at all, we're basically doing it by our own all the time, I believe the results could be even better with a better guidance.


23 de abr. de 2020

This course was my first footing on Game Design and it was truly interactive by actually giving its learners something to create in paper and post every week. I could have made some game designs myself but would have probably been somewhat stuck along the way wondering when to do what. Given that, perhaps this course linearly took things every step at a time. I hear this is the primary course of a five part series. Definitely looking forward to trying the rest whenever possible. The only thing that may have taken more time is waiting for your work to be reviewed which sometimes takes a couple of days longer. Rest assured this is one of those courses that really takes your time's worth and leaves you with some valuable contributions of your own. I rarely rate anything 5 stars so this one truly earned it.

por İnanç K

20 de feb. de 2016

It was an entertaining course which you can build things on paper. Which is nice if you are not friendly with computers. The only not-so-liked part was try to fit the assignments in a single side A4 page only. We had 4 assignments in each of the assignments except one, we are encouraged to build our assignments on previous assignments. So I needed more 2 papers in the last because I included graphics, a story, explanations on how to play, on multiplaying, etc. But it is fun, so it was worth trying it.

por Joshua B

4 de feb. de 2017

I was surprised at how difficult at first people made their simple games for the first few weeks. It was cool to see some really creative games that inspired and helped me with my ideas as well. The teaching videos were great and immersive that I laughed out loud at sometimes. Like "don't touch that there's a bomb" and then just touching the bomb and the puppet exploding. (2 ways to explain something in a game)

I loved the course and look forward to the second course! Thank you CALARTS!!!!

por Kucherov A

22 de jun. de 2020

It's fun, the course members gave some good feedback (some members didn't review my assignments at all though, they just left a blank comment). The staff of the course isn't active, but there are some mentors (not lecturers, just some volunteers). If you want to find some advice for making a game design document, this course is for you. It's short, but it's consistent. And you'll also have some practice in making a game design document.

por Tahseen M N

13 de abr. de 2020

I really loved doing this course. Learnt how to make a simple game and make it really interesting! I loved how the easily the instructor was able to teach us and make us curious throughout the course.

por Enlik

23 de dic. de 2015

My review is when i'm already in week 3 of this course. Really worthed to participate in this course, especially when you've finished your assignment and your classmate review your works! :)

por Breanne C

17 de sep. de 2018

This course starts off a bit degrading with the puppets and such, which can make you feel like you're being talked down to like a child, but if you stick with it, the course actually pans out nicely and has some decent topics to cover. I genuinely enjoy the instructor and actually went out to get a couple copies of his Deep Dark Fears anthologies; Fran's attention to detail and imagination is a joy to experience.

I found that the peers performing the reviews of my assignments were a bit too focused on the hard and fast requirement of the assignments, rather than keeping their eyes on the figurative prize, that being the "fun" factor; rather than focusing on the level of enjoyability, which I view as paramount, I found time and time again that my peers were steadfastly grasping the submission's guidelines until they got proverbial white knuckles.

The fact that not only the game board, but also the pieces and rules all on one sheet of paper must all fit to one single-sided sheet of paper is a catch 22 here, as whenever I crammed it all into one sheet, I got negative feedback that (nomater how much brevity was exercised) it felt cramped, whereas when I provided supplemental materials to address said issue, I was docked points for going beyond one single-sided sheet of paper.

I find this incredibly frustrating and in direct spite of the fundamental point being conveyed throughout this course. I very much expected to see the assignment allow for more sheets of paper as we progressed, so I found this incredibly limiting, and served as a distraction from the points I was meant to explore.

por Andrea

12 de dic. de 2016

I really liked that course! You should think about it as an introduction class, otherwise you will be really disappointed with its content. Speaking for my academic experience, I already know how to program a game, but I never had the chance to study the Game Design field. This course forced me to use a creatively thinking process to focus on some important aspects, like rules, multiplayer, and more.

Do not take this class if: you are looking for academic resources, books references, lot of theory to study.

Take this class if: you are looking for some challenges, with motivational contents, that can push you to express yourself with your own force and skills!

Videos are also very fun to follow! I think that Frank is an awesome teacher, with great communication skills.

por Brenda J

5 de may. de 2020

I enjoyed this course very much, it was insightful since it clarified some preconceptions I had about Game Design. I honestly did not know what to expect from this course, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well structured it is and how much it offered. The instructor did this course in such a way that it seemed uncomplicated even if he was dealing with some core concepts of Game Design, so it was easy to understand why certain things had to be done a certain way. I loved the peer review because it helped me understand what I could improve and what I did well. People were overall polite, very helpful and friendly.

por Robert C

14 de nov. de 2016

This is an exceptionally really goods course. It's a nice, simple introduction to Board Game Design. It doesn't require you to use any software or animated drawing programs, you can achieve the course by using a Pen and A Piece of Paper. In this course, Fran uses simple language, and humour to aid the learning. I cannot draw at all, but found the content to learn, and the assignments easy to complete. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone looking at Board Game Design, or those of you who are Concept Creators (Logos) etc, as it has helped me to develop my skills and knowledge. Robert Cooper (UK)

por Juan M H M

28 de dic. de 2016

The course is AMAZING! it deals with a complex topic in a very simple way that allows you to build a game quickly while understanding the rules and basic strategies of game design. The only feedback i would like to give is regarding the faculty lack of interaction in the discussion forums. I feel they did not answer some of the questions sent to them in the specified forums and this lack of interactions diminishes the impact of the course. The course is still great, so i did not remove one star because of this, as i want to think the faculty will address the point above in future courses.

por Cheng M H

22 de jun. de 2019

Although I do have a wee bit of experience in game design, I came into this course with an open mind, a clean-slate approach, and a willingness to learn and better myself. This course focuses on some of the fundamentals of game design, and does so in a very fun, very engaging way. You'll never feel like the assignments are "work" - instead, at the beginning of each Week, you'll be chomping at the bit to get to the assignment. All the assignments are really fun and you'll love getting peer-reviewed because your peers on this course are most likely going to be fellow game enthusiasts!

por Derric E

19 de sep. de 2020

I learned a lot about this course. You kinda get fooled by the title of it but in all reality, learning the basics of Game Design is essential to getting your feet wet. I, myself, am someone that looks to move forward and fast, so taking the time to learn basic things really brought me down a level and to work patiently. It also helps when you get feedback from those that are similar and different in game styles and creativity. Thanks! This was my first experience taking an online class and I enjoyed it 100%! Thanks Fran and thanks to those who helped me with reviews!

por Christina C

23 de feb. de 2016

The course instructor was such a fantastic teacher! Being a beginner at game design, I found myself learning a ton despite the short videos (though these videos were so fun and entertaining to watch). I definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in getting started in game design! After completing this course, I feel much more confident about taking my game ideas to the next step. I now even have a rough draft of a board game that I created throughout the course, which I plan to eventually turn into a polished 2 or 3-player game!