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Indigenous Canada is a 12-lesson Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that explores Indigenous histories and contemporary issues in Canada. From an Indigenous perspective, this course explores key issues facing Indigenous peoples today from a historical and critical perspective highlighting national and local Indigenous-settler relations. Topics for the 12 lessons include the fur trade and other exchange relationships, land claims and environmental impacts, legal systems and rights, political conflicts and alliances, Indigenous political activism, and contemporary Indigenous life, art and its expressions....

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Jan 22, 2018

Excellent course that provides a great foundation for learning about Indigenous cultures and worldviews. Provides thoughtful topics to explore and insightful knowledge. I highly recommend this course!


Sep 25, 2017

This course was eye-opening and an essential learning experience for my work with First Nations children and their families. I have and will continue to recommend this course to my colleagues.

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por Clark S

Jun 18, 2017

Informative, and necessary for every Canadian vested in our rich history.

por Gael W J

Jun 04, 2017

Excellent introduction of the history of the Indigenous peoples of Canada, influent topics that are relevant to today's world. So glad I took this course.

por Roman P

Nov 20, 2017

This course helps to explore indigenous Canada deeply. I work in the museum where there is a huge exhibition about indigenous people of Northern America and wanted to have a deeper understanding of our collection and different traditions connected with it.

The only reason why I didn't give 5 stars to this course is that I would like to have a little shorter version of it, pointing more attention to cultural and historical developments of different nations and less to the exact dates and personalities.

por Andrea M

Jul 10, 2017

Some of the history oriented lectures were a bit difficult to follow, but overall this was an excellent survey course on the subject of Indigineity in Canada

por Christie B

Sep 05, 2017

I really enjoyed this lesson. We took it as a group at work. At times it was a refresher for me, but I learned lots of thing I didn't know previously. I loved this course, so much I signed up for another one.

Thank you.

por Theresa G

Jun 19, 2017

When I see indigenous people comment online, they trash-talk both government and first nations community leaders alike. They distrust both the government who never came through on promises and the leaders who have underfunded their communities for their own enjoyment.

I didn't see many solutions suggested or a means to an end to some of these issues in this course so in spite of my new found knowledge it would seem this will remain a vicious circle of poverty, distrust, and fear and this saddens me that that there is still little hope for a resolution.

However, this course did bring to light many aspects of my heritage that I was not aware of. My birth father is Métis however my birth mother is not. I was given up for adoption to a Caucasian family when I was 8 months old, so was unaware of being Métis for almost all of my life, let alone did I ever feel remotely a part of it once I found out. So this course also suggested that when you are no longer a part of the Indigenous culture and do not look Indigenous in any way, and because you will never experience the hardships or really know anyone who has, you will never be part of that culture. It's like you get to sit in the front row but will never be in the show.

The rest of the course was okay, the history I knew, the issues I knew, although the elaboration of them was nice. The introduction of key individuals in forming some semblance of a united indigenous culture were good to know. But this course also reminded me that indigeneity in Canada is also about a fractured and injured culture of people, who are separated by language, distance and who will never have the funding that other communities enjoy, and it will never be a whole. After all had there been more formal territories when NA was colonized, maybe it wouldn't be indigenous Canada, it would be Enoch Territory or Papaschase Territory or State and many others where Alberta currently sits and it would now be the United Territories of North America, but alas that will never be.

por David B

Jun 15, 2018

Greatly informative. People speaking are reading a script and it comes off as a bit boring. I'd prefer audio without images of narrator and more visuals of what is being discussed. Even if narration is scripted and read, it can be executed in a more dynamic way. Kudos for the rich content. I learned a lot.

por Amanda B

Jun 02, 2017

Some of the quizzes felt as if they were trying to trick you with the options. I felt the tests could have asked better questions that were designed to teach rather than push memorization. It also would have been helpful to see where you went wrong rather than just being told to re-watch a module.

por Adriana M

Jun 16, 2017

I found it educational, informative. It did move a part of me to shift my views and broaden my perspective of our First Nations, but I also felt the information provided the motivation to discover and ask questions about my own native ancestry.

por Claudine T

Jul 18, 2017

Extremely well-presented and thought-provoking course that I found brought light to a lot of colonization processes that had many experiences in common with Māori in New Zealand. Every Canadian should engage with this course! As a scientist and science teacher, I found the commentary on gender-driven science particularly interesting. I will incorporate some of the indigenous views on gender and genderful people into a study topic for Year 10 students genetics (14 year-olds).

por Susan A D

Aug 20, 2017

This series has brought me a much clearer understanding of the generational harms that we impose on each other from a root of preconceived decisions about who we think we are, who you think we are, who I think I am, who I am and the who I want to be. I am grateful to have taken this course.

por Vinzenz R

Aug 03, 2017

This is a great course. It provides a good overview of the history of indigenous people before and after contact, as well as contemporary issues.

por Naylinn H

Feb 27, 2018

This course help me compare my own country's situation.

por Mark C

Mar 14, 2018

Was a good hard look at what Canada was and is from a different perspective than one I usually see it from. I was challenged to think about Canadian history and the relationships between people living here.

por Lydia H

Jun 28, 2017

This was an excellent and informative course. At times it was a little broad but I appreciated all the interviews they did with subject-matter experts -- really felt cohesive and I learnt a lot.

por Jacqueline S

Sep 04, 2017

It was very interesting but some videos were really long and difficult to understand. Plus the questions sometimes were trick questions which I personally don't think are really helpful with the learning and understanding process.

por Tiarra K

May 03, 2018

I think the content of the course was fantastic, easy to understand and yet added depth to my understanding of Canadian history. I wish every Canadian would take this course! The only thing I would change is having more visual examples of the art described in the last segment such as "Walking with our sisters" and "Trace" because it would have added some context to the unit on Art but now I can continue my own personal research. Thank you for making this course so easily accessible for everyone!

por Joshua A

Jul 01, 2018

Ce cour m'a permis de mieux comprendre la réalité actuelle des autochtones causé par l'arrivée des européens. Les conséquences des pensionnats autochtones et des tentatives d'assimilation du gouvernement Canadien envers les Premières Nation du Canada.

por Katie M

May 11, 2018

The course was very good. It was delivered in a way that is easy to understand and follow along. The only thing i suggest is for the test questions to be in order in which they appear in the videos. I found that I was contently flipping back and forth between the first and middle part of the course notes.

Overall a excellent program

por Marianne H

May 21, 2018

I've never really known much about Canada at all, not being Canadian myself, and its first inhabitants who were there before the European arrivals were a closed book to me, but this course has been truly enlightening as well as interesting. I particularly liked the works of art with their accompanying explanatory videos at the end of each unit.

por Cole N

May 08, 2018

Really good overview of Indigenous history and culture in Canada. I thought there was a little bit too much focus in the questions on remembering names rather than important concepts, but I learned a lot and it challenged my worldview.

por Wasan Z

Apr 29, 2019

a lot of great material, learned tons... the layout how this was presented is easy to follow on the computer, phone an

por david b

Jun 25, 2019

A fantastic and insightful look at indigeneity in Canada. Thank you!

por Marcia K

Jul 30, 2019

This course is definitely an introductory course that occasionally over-simplifies. However, it does offer an excellent alternate perspective to events taught to me in public school from Kindergarten to University. The events, characters and times are easily recognizable, it is the different perspective that makes this course fascinating. The lessons on Gender and Art were particularly interesting to me. I would take a course on Lesson 12 alone. Perhaps that could be the next University of Alberta Coursera offering?! All the visual materials also made this course engaging. Thank you for taking the time to prepare this course.

por Wendy M

May 21, 2019

As a complete beginner to a subject I shamefully should know more about, I thought it was a very comprehensive and informative introduction. If its purpose was to inspire me to want to know more, it worked! Thank you!