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Practical Machine Learning, Johns Hopkins University

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Acerca de este Curso

One of the most common tasks performed by data scientists and data analysts are prediction and machine learning. This course will cover the basic components of building and applying prediction functions with an emphasis on practical applications. The course will provide basic grounding in concepts such as training and tests sets, overfitting, and error rates. The course will also introduce a range of model based and algorithmic machine learning methods including regression, classification trees, Naive Bayes, and random forests. The course will cover the complete process of building prediction functions including data collection, feature creation, algorithms, and evaluation....

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por AD

Mar 01, 2017

Issues of every stage of the construction of learning machine model, as well as issues with several different machine learning methods are well and in fine yet very understandable detail explained.

por DH

Jun 18, 2018

Excellent introduction to basic ML techniques. A lot of material covered in a short period of time! I will definitely seek more advanced training out of the inspiration provided by this class.

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431 revisiones

por Julien Nabonne

Dec 18, 2018

nice pace, good overview to start with modelling in R

por David Shen

Dec 18, 2018

lecture material could be cleaner with fewer errors

por Sanjeev Kumar

Dec 16, 2018

Introductory course but it explains the basics easily

por André Caetano Luna

Dec 13, 2018

very good practical experience using machine learning models, especially regarding PCA usage

por Carlo G Inovero

Dec 04, 2018

thank you

por Javier Eslava Schmalbach

Dec 02, 2018


por Sulan LIU

Nov 19, 2018

I hope we can have more détails in this cours and to see how to use the algorithms for the big data. Thank you.

por Raunak Shakya

Nov 19, 2018

a very good course for those wanting to learn Machine Learning to implement in Data Science.

por German Rafael Mejia Salgado

Nov 14, 2018

Este es un muy buen curso, aprendes lo básico para poder entrar en el mundo del machine learning y te da la oportunidad de desarrollar modelos realmente útiles.

Recomendado, definitivamente.

por Naman Khurpia

Nov 13, 2018

please remove the checking by students