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Everything comes together in the Capstone. You will draft a complete story, narrative essay, or memoir of 8–15 pages. With the advice of your peer readers, you will revise, rewrite, and complete it. The skills you’ve learned of plotting, setting, physical description, characterization, and stylistic clarity and innovation will culminate in an original work of art all your own. We’ll discuss the steps that professional writers take to bring their work into the public world. Along the way you’ll learn the patient habits of revision that make up the writer’s life....

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May 09, 2020

I got so, so much out of this! It's not only helped me with my own writing, but it's helped me with being able to be a better editor, also. Enjoyed being able to read other writers' works, as well.


Oct 25, 2018

It was challenging and inspiring, one of the best courses I have taken. I took my writing to new places and learned quite a lot : ) Thank you so much for the opportunity and platform for learning.

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por Russell D

Mar 16, 2017

I enjoyed the course very much. The critiques were the most important part and that is where this course fell down. I only received two instead of the expected three critiques for the sanding and final critique assignments.

por Ian B

Aug 31, 2017

Good opportunity to keep writing and get feedback. The only drawback is the quality of reviews you get on this site- everyone wants to BE reviewed, no one wants to do the reviewing!

por Chris D

Jun 05, 2020

The assignments are varied and helpful. The feedback less so. And the IT department needs to re-tool how the feedback system works. Too many issues, too many problems.

por Julian M

Sep 06, 2017

You should do this program. :)

por Daniel C

Jul 25, 2017

Well done!

por Anna D

Jun 22, 2019

It had some very useful advice, and the people that I got to review my work had some useful things to say.

However, I had been in need of advice for an assignment and so I asked the discussion forum. Time passed and the assignment's due date was literally hours away, so in the end, I was forced to use my own devices. A day or so after I submitted my assignment I got a response. By that point, the advice was virtually useless, as feedback kindly informed what I had failed to notice -I lost points over that. This happened twice. Four, if you count the times when I received no response at all.

I understand that people are busy, but just as well for I course that I paid good money to use you would think that I'd receive better responses. They wouldn't have to be prompt, just before the due date.

por Kristin L

Mar 06, 2017

I must say that the information on writing in the course was good, and the example of sanding, giving a critique etc. was very useful to me as a writer just putting her work into the world. I was extremely disappointed that after laboring through 3 long stories, only one formatted in the way the course specified, and trying to write at least one page of comments on each that what I got in return was on good critique and two that were only two lines long. I was on scholarship so I did not pay for the course but it was disappointing that there was no moderation of the peer review side of the homework.

por Lori Z

Aug 05, 2020

Other students provide minimal, to no, feedback that doesn't meet the requirements for feedback and there is no way to report this. It makes me feel like any work that is accomplished is more of a joke because of the people who skate through the course like this.

por Nada D

Sep 07, 2016

There are a lot of kinks to be worked out in this course. The teaching aspect of the Craft of Writing is in the four previous courses, this one is basically write a story, get reviews.

por Yvette H

Jan 17, 2018

With all due respect, this module felt like a case of the barely sighted leading the blind!

por Lee W

Dec 20, 2016

Sorry but the variable "peer" reviews ruined this course for me, I either did not get enough reviews or a "prankster" would down mark for whatever reason they had in their head at that particular moment. the staff don't seem interested in this a a problem. and there is no way to rate a bad reviewer so they get away with it.

the other courses in the specialisation are great, but this one gives very little in the way of tuition and relies on the whole on peers, which for me didn't work out too well

por Florence L

May 13, 2020

Some issues were noticed in the discussion and this not seems to have been fixed in May 2020. From the presentation I could undertsand that, unfortunately, this course is not what I was looking for. I was lookig for to the point advices about building an outline for example on week 1. Like some sessions we have had in PLOT and STYLE courses. Reviews are too much (see what people says in the discussions) and efficient guidance too less.

por Jared E

Dec 25, 2018

Peers aren't well read.