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Acerca del Curso

Nǐ hǎo! 你好!Welcome to Chinese for HSK Level 1 - a Chinese course for beginners. My name is YU Bin. I am very happy to meet you here! HSK stands for Hànyǔ (Chinese) Shuǐpíng (level) Kǎoshì (test), which is the most important Chinese proficiency test in use today. It assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using Chinese in their daily, academic and professional lives. Chinese for HSK Level 1 is the first part of the 6 levels and assesses test takers’ abilities in the application of everyday Chinese. It is the counterpart of Level 1 of the Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages and the A1 Level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You will learn:  30 video lectures with dialogue role plays by PKU students;  More than 150 commonly used words;  Around 50 key grammar points;  New words and texts via audio;  Quizzes for each lesson and HSK test papers;  Videos for 70 basic Chinese characters (optional);  Supplementary materials about China (optional). In short, the course covers the four skills although only listening and reading are tested in HSK. At the end of the course, you will be able to understand and use simple Chinese phrases, meet basic needs for communication and possess the ability to further your Chinese language studies. Have a fantastic journey of Chinese learning. For more information about HSK please visit:

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4 de ene. de 2019

finally an online course that delivers, great way to kickstart or reboot your chinese. the formula of the lesson is simple and easy to follow, a fantastic way to start, definitely moving on to HSK2


22 de may. de 2019

Excellent course, Yu Bin explains the material very well and the content is well organised. I would have liked further explanations on the grammar and additional practice exercises beyond the quiz

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por Steve H

5 de ene. de 2019

Excellent resource for preparing for the HSK 1 exam. I used this course as a refresher as I prepare for the HSK 3 exam, working my way up. I will complete the HSK 2 course here as well before taking the HSK 3 course. I am confident that if I continue to apply my study method that I will pass the exams using these courses.

por Cuong H K

1 de abr. de 2019

I just say one thing. If you ever wanted to learn Chinese, and struggling about finding the right path to learn it. This series is the right path. You just need to follow the lectures. No textbooks needed, no boring lectures, the two things you need to learn this language is time and passion. Happy learning Chinese!

por Cornelia H

9 de ene. de 2018

Very professional course, easy-to-follow and complete. I was amazed by how fast I progressed. After one and a half month only, I could follow basic conversations, read and write almost 150 words and express basic needs in Chinese. The course’s videos helped to get used to the speed of Chinese native speakers.

por mae

2 de oct. de 2017

A well made Chinese language course, the course materials are really up to date and helpful for everyday conversation furthermore the course content for each week are well planned and easy to follow. The course taught a few aspects in learning writing, reading, listening and including some of Chinese culture.

por Arnold B

21 de may. de 2017

A superb introduction to Chinese. I had previously been using Rosetta Stone but HSK 1 is much better for the following reasons: 1) listening to actual dialogs 2) grammar explanations provided 3) details of each dialog including translation and 4) learning to write the characters. Very well done program.

por Rafael B / 하 / 拉

16 de jun. de 2020

Muito bom o curso! o aprendizado é bem explicado e aplicado de forma organizada, o aprendizado melhora muito. Falo por experiência própria. O curso foi muito bem organizado tanto na parte da plataforma com nas explicações da professora YU BIN. Muito bom, recomendo. Agora, vou em busca do meu HSK 6. rs

por Lauren F

29 de abr. de 2019

My spoken and written Mandarin have improved compared to when I was learning exclusively with mobile phone app. I enjoyed the variety of listening and reading exercises in the quizzes. I feel that the study material in this course would help me to be adequately prepared to write the HSK Level 1 test.

por Monserrat H A A

7 de nov. de 2021

Los ejercicios realmente ayudan a entender mejor el idioma y poner atención a cómo se escucha, entonces es un buen entrenamiento para, incluso, responder los listening más complejos. Igual los ejemplos de situaciones cotidianas permiten que el vocabulario aprendido lo practiques con mayor facilidad

por Anik s

6 de nov. de 2020

Xiexie laoshi. It was a wonderful journey. I like your teaching style and method. Learned a lot about china throughout this course and hope one day I will visit China and I can easily communicate with everyone. Thanks for your support in my learning quest. This is the best course on Chinese online.

por James J

31 de dic. de 2021

Excellent content. Wonderful teacher. Terrific music. Helpful writing guides.

---> However, I would appreciate a glossary/summary at the end of each week. I believe it would be so helpful to have a document to summarize the new vocabulary, the sentence structures, cultural insights, and so on.

por Tanishqa H K

18 de ago. de 2021

This is an amazing course! I learned the basics of Chinese that I can use to interact with Chinese people and also use for business purposes. It was very helpful and easy to grasp the concepts because the material was broken down well. Highly recommend if you're interested in learning Chinese.

por Mimi S

12 de abr. de 2022

I found this course indeed helped me to understand the words structure, as many examples were in text conversations and video conversation. The lecturer also provided useful sentence structure. This course helps me on my journey in learning Chinese. My aim by end 2023 I can reach HSK-3 level.

por Alecs S L

27 de dic. de 2019

I have taken HSK 1 courses in classroom setting back in high school and college. I took HSK 1 again online as a refresher course. I can honestly say that this course has been very helpful. It provided sufficient materials for the lessons and the program was easy to follow. Thank you so much!

por O К

2 de oct. de 2019

Хорошо структурированный материал. После каждого урока есть маленький тест, и в конце недели-тоже, но с большим количеством вопросов. Это очень удобно. Также есть учебник со всем материалом.

Единственное, звук слишком тихий, когда говорит преподаватель, а звук заставки просто зашкаливает.


9 de jun. de 2021

|The class was very well structure and thought us how to build sentences in Hanzi (Chinese) and the learning process was great. I will recxomend the 额欧美h额PekingIomen m . Sorry my key board is having some problems. I will recomend the course from the Peking University and Coursera. 3

por Elena G

26 de oct. de 2016

I have enjoyed this course very much so far. The pace is perfectly balanced, while also being challenging and entertaining - the lectures are very clear and the exercises are varied. I would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in picking up Chinese, regardless of the HSK exam.

por Felita C H

10 de sep. de 2020

This course is really good, the teacher really teach and explain well (by giving time to practice, to think the answer, etc). The quizzes are really help me to review the material that already give, so it makes me not only 'receive' the material, but also to practice it through quiz.

por 王真真Adriana

7 de jun. de 2017

I love it ! I learnt a lot ! The content is well-designed. The teacher is nice. The course is challenging but it has a good pace. Even if you are not taking the HSK, this is an excellent course for learning vocabulary, expressions, grammar and interesting information about China.

por Robert H

11 de sep. de 2020

This is an excellent course, both for starting to learn Chinese and for improving it. The course teaches you how to speak, listen, read and write in Chinese. It also teaches grammar. The course is well structured into topics. This course will help you pass the HSK 1 exam easily.

por Kristine M V S

1 de jul. de 2020

I highly recommend this course. The content was very structured and the presentation was engaging. I loved the teaching style of the instructor! She explained everything clearly and her pronunciation was very understandable. Thank you so much for this fun and fruitful course!

por Carlos C O

5 de ene. de 2019



por B B

24 de may. de 2022

Great structure, very easy to follow. The material is broken down into lessons that are very easy to digest so you aren't overwhelmed with information. I have fully mastered HSK 1 vocab using this course and a flashcard app. Looking forward to starting Chinese for HSK 2 now!

por Erika M K

5 de oct. de 2020

All the lessons were very clear and easy to understand. I gained a basic understanding of the use of tones and also I learned several vocabularies that are useful. This course helped me achieve one step closer to my goal and I hope I can continue learning Chinese. Thank you!

por Birke U

30 de mar. de 2018

The course is very structured and a lot of tests are included to prepare you for the final HSK-1 Test. The teacher has a very clear pronunciation as also the students in the lectures. Grammar is also included according to HSK level 1 I guess. I enjoy the course. Great work.

por Angel S

9 de mar. de 2021

Teacher speaks so well and quiet English, that is very easy to understand her, specially when English is not my mother language. Just hearing her explanations and comments, it's easy to keep in mind what she had recently learnt enough to do the exam with fantastic results