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Leadership DynamicsLeadershipManagementTeam Management

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Fechas límite flexibles

Restablece las fechas límite en función de tus horarios.

Aprox. 14 horas para completar

Sugerido: 4 weeks of study, 1-2 hours/week...

Inglés (English)

Subtítulos: Inglés (English), Vietnamita, Árabe (Arabic)

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Designing Your Team for Excellence

As a team leader, you must determine how best to compose and structure your team. You will need to determine the optimal team size, diversity of team members, values, and goals for the team -- all of which will have a big impact on team dynamics and performance. In this module, you will learn strategies and tactics to design your team effectively.

15 videos (Total 102 minutos), 6 readings, 1 quiz
15 videos
01.04 - Demographics: How Demographic Diversity Impacts Teams12m
01.05 - Demographic Faultlines: Be Very Careful!11m
01.06 - Personality: How Diversity in Personality Impacts Teams6m
01.07 - Values-based Diversity in Teams (Part 1)10m
01.08 - Values-based Diversity in Teams (Part 2)7m
01.09 - Team Values and Person-Team Fit10m
01.10 - Building a Collaborative Climate1m
01.11 - Goal Setting in Teams13m
01.12 - Managing Individual Expectations1m
01.13 - Emphasizing Shared Goals1m
01.14 - Avoiding Self-Similarity in Composing Teams1m
01.15 - Recap: Designing Your Team for Excellence2m
6 lecturas
Help us learn more about you!10m
Introduction to Jeff Brodsky, Chief Human Resources Officer at Morgan Stanley2m
Introduction to John Beilein, Head Coach, University of Michigan Men's Basketball Team2m
Can You Compose Your Team With Too Many Stars5m
Notice for Auditing Learners: Assignment Submission10m
Unit Lecture Slides
1 ejercicio de práctica
Designing Your Team for Excellence20m
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Structuring Your Team for Excellence

In the first module of the course, we discussed your role as a team leader in designing your team's size, composition, diversity of personalities and values, and goals. In addition, you must determine how best to structure your team, specifically how you will structure decision making, rewards, and roles. You must also ensure the team has a clear set of norms that guide its behavior. In this module, you will learn strategies and tactics to structure your team effectively.

13 videos (Total 109 minutos), 5 readings, 1 quiz
13 videos
02.04 - Rewards: How to Structure Rewards in the Team14m
02.05 - Team Rewards and Punishments1m
02.06 - Virtuality: How to Manage Virtual Team Structures14m
02.07 - Roles: How to Define and Organize Roles in the Team14m
02.08 - Every Role Matters in Teams2m
02.09 - Keeping Individuals Motivated When They Do Not Get Their Preferred Role1m
02.10 - Norms: How to Create Productive Norms in the Team10m
02.11 - Creating a Culture of Teamwork Through Norms and Expectations2m
02.12 - Team Charters: A Tool for Designing Your Team9m
02.13 - Recap: Structuring Your Team For Excellence6m
5 lecturas
Gene Kranz Video5m
Rewarding Teams or Individual Stars7m
Template: Team Charter7m
Team Charter Documents6m
Unit Lecture Slides
1 ejercicio de práctica
Structuring Your Team for Excellence20m
1 hora para completar

Managing Team Dynamics

It is common to see teams working on identical tasks and having similar access to organizational resources and talent produce systematically different performance outcomes. This occurs because we mismanage team processes, or how teammates work on the task and interact with one another during teamwork. In this module, you will learn how to recognize most typically process hurdles in teamwork and how to overcome them, thus creating high-performing teams.

8 videos (Total 49 minutos), 2 readings, 1 quiz
8 videos
03.04 - Language4m
03.05 - Working Across Cultures2m
03.06 - Managing Conflict8m
03.07 - Resolving Task Conflicts4m
03.08 - Recap: Manage Team Dynamics3m
2 lecturas
Conflict Resolution from The Office5m
Unit Lecture Slides
1 ejercicio de práctica
Managing Team Dynamics20m
3 horas para completar

Creating Sustainable Team Performance and Learning

This module is focused on creating sustainable levels of high-performance in teams. In this module you will therefore learn how to evaluate team performance and how to ensure this high performance is sustainable in your teams. Relatedly, we will discuss how to ensure team learning and effective flow of new ideas in your teams.

15 videos (Total 53 minutos), 2 readings, 2 quizzes
15 videos
04.04 - Managing Team Performance1m
04.05 - Creativity8m
04.06 - Psychological Safety6m
04.07 - Engaging Your Team2m
04.08 - Hit and Hug2m
04.09 - Building a Safe Environment1m
04.10 - Transactive Memory7m
04.11 - Facilitating Team Learning3m
04.12 - Learning from Adversity3m
04.13 - Instilling a Learning Mindset1m
04.14 - Manufacturing Team Success1m
04.15 - Creating Sustainable Team Performance3m
2 lecturas
Unit Lecture Slides
Post-course Survey10m
1 ejercicio de práctica
Creating Sustainable Team Performance and Learning20m
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por ANFeb 4th 2016

Great course. Everything I learned is applicable to what I'm working on. Great insight and I would recommend it to anyone interested in trying to make their work more enjoyable and fulfilling.

por HRJul 7th 2019

I have learned lot from this course and thank you very much conducting this kind of\n\nlearning tools to sharp my cleverness. Once again thank you.\n\nKind regards\n\nSudath Prasanna



Scott DeRue, Ph.D.

Edward J. Frey Dean at the Ross School of Business
Management and Organizations, Ross School of Business

Maxim Sytch, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Fellow
Management and Organizations, Ross School of Business

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The mission of the University of Michigan is to serve the people of Michigan and the world through preeminence in creating, communicating, preserving and applying knowledge, art, and academic values, and in developing leaders and citizens who will challenge the present and enrich the future....

Acerca del programa especializado Leading People and Teams

In this specialization, you will learn essential leadership skills, including how to inspire and motivate individuals, manage talent, influence without authority, and lead teams. In this specialization, you will not only learn from Michigan faculty. You will also learn directly from exceptional leaders including Jeff Brodsky, Global Head of HR for Morgan Stanley, and John Beilein, Head Coach of the University of Michigan Men’s Basketball Team. We will share with you our research on how to lead people and teams effectively, and work with you to apply these insights to your own teams and leadership. In every course, you will have an opportunity to apply new leadership skills by working through a series of practical leadership assignments. In addition, the capstone will enable you to work on live leadership challenges faced by senior leaders from premier Fortune 500 firms and receive their feedback on your ideas and solutions. Top students completing the Specialization will be eligible to receive one or more of the following: office hours with your faculty, one credit toward Michigan Ross’ Distinguished Leader certificate, a waived application fee to Michigan Ross graduate programs, or a LinkedIn recommendation/endorsement by Ross faculty....
Leading People and Teams

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