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Producing music is an incredibly creative process, and knowing the tools of the trade is essential in order to transmit the musical ideas in your head into the DAW in a creative and uninhibited way. Whether you have used a computer to create music before, or you have been curious about production for years, this 4-week course will give you an introductory look into the world of Avid Pro Tools and Pro Tools First....

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26 de jul. de 2020

This is Ashish From Indian(Gujarat).I am new student for this course.I really enjoyed a session. specially Chrissy Tignor maam teaching fantastic.I really enjoyed a lot to her session.\n\nthank you.

9 de jul. de 2020

Amazing instructor and lot of knowledge to be gained. One of the best course to learn about any DAW. Specially the mixing and mastering course material was helpful to make the track sound amazing.

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por Odysseas T

31 de mar. de 2019

The course may be called Pro Tools Basics but this requires also basic audio knowledge. It shouldn't be explaining about microphones and how to connect an XLR cable.

Also it was more a course on how to compose electronic music on Pro Tools rather than using Pro Tools for recording and editing. I mean not so many people use Pro Tools for composing. Pro Tools is a global standard for recording, editing, mixing and mastering. I was waiting to learn more things on these topics and not on EDM...


I like EDM but this shouldn't be the main focus of the course!

por Felipe P F

13 de jun. de 2016

The reason why I gave one star is because I don't think its content is completely related to its title. This course is very similar to music production but using only pro tools.

If you are looking to learn more about music production using pro tools, then this is an awesome course but if you already have some background in music production and you just want to learn pro tools basics, then I don't think this is an appropriate course (in my opinion).

por Alessandro F

11 de sep. de 2016

Amazing course. I loved each lesson, the examples, the methodology, the teacher is Amazing!!! (Feel like we're friends now!) Very easy to follow exercises and achievable assignments.

por Iordanis / Ι Σ

25 de abr. de 2017

Except the fact that it was taught well, I believe that pressuring people work with a specific program to pass a course is not helpful. I believe that instead of learning how to handle PRO TOOLS from scratch you should change the course to something more creative like recording different instruments, measuring the studio space, monitors and much more helpful things than advertise and make AVID richer.


All the best

por Santiago A D

19 de jun. de 2019

This is not necessary for people using other programs to make music. It makes for a bit boring course for people to get through on the Music Specialization Course

por Daniel O

10 de ago. de 2016

I came into this class with already quite a bit of self-taught experience with Pro Tools. I think this course provided an excellent foundation with the software. It covered the full arc of getting started, learning the fundamentals, and then concluding with a final project that incapsulated many different skills and functionalities in order to present a final production of a song. You have to put in the work but if you follow through on the instructions carefully, I think you'll be rewarded. Chrissy is a compelling and adept explainer of things and she also peppers in some good fun and humor along the way. It's clear that she's very knowledgeable and navigates through Pro Tools with ease (keyboard short cuts are vital).

My main goal here was to make my workflow much more organized, smooth, and structured while also becoming much more confident in my mixing abilities. Chrissy explains in very simple and clear terms how to accomplish these tasks which left me feeling satisfied. Good job!

por Daniel R

28 de feb. de 2017

I absolutely enjoyed this course! I gained the confidence I was looking for through the positive instructor

Chrissy Tignor Fisher she really made it fun.

por Christian K

20 de oct. de 2019

Excellent class. Pro Tools has never been my favorite software. My studio uses Reaper for the most part. I took this class to learn more about Pro Tools, because it is important to know when working in other studios that use it. You never want to sit at the desk and fumble through to figure out the software. For credibility sake, you have to be able to sit down and work efficiently. During this class I learned so much about Pro Tools and actually got to like it. I like the workflow and am actually using it in my studio now. This class was well organized and very to the point. Chrissy did an excellent job explaining everything in a way that was easy to understand. It wasn't just how to do certain things, but also why we do them. 5 stars for a job well done!

por Luis M

2 de mar. de 2016

This class has been the best Pro Tools course I have studied .Chrissy Tignor-Fisher has put together an incredible progressive lesson plan . The video lessons are top notch . The quality of audio and visual are crystal clear . The information is presented and demonstrated with such clarity it keeps you wanting to learn more . Chrissy I,m at week 4 of your 5 week Basic Pro Tools course . I took the class so I can really start tapping into the power of Pro Tools and get my studying habits back up to par . Yes there are assignments and deadlines through out this course . Thanks to the Coursera and Berklee Team for providing this platform of education . I look forward to participating in more courses provided by Coursera.

por Bob J

22 de jun. de 2020

For someone like me wanting to learn ProTools but knowing little about it, this was a perfect place to start. The course delivers what it promises--the essentials; the basics--and now I know enough to use ProTools for basic recording in my home studio setup. I understood ProTools' potential; when my band recorded an album a year ago, I watched our producer use it. But I don't think I could have figured out the basics on my own, at least not without investing an enormous amount of time. Chrissy's instruction--and she's an excellent communicator--was excellent and to the point. I do recommend having a two-screen setup for this course.

por Karine M

31 de may. de 2021

A​s a Logic X DAW user, I needed this course to get familiar with an industry standard DAW. Chrissy is an awesome instructor and does really well at explaining mixing concepts. The pacing was excellent and the lessons about the Pro Tools interface were really approachable. I was also impressed with how she teaches concepts about waveforms and compression, as an electrical engineer I know these can be difficult concepts but Chrissy does an excellent job at explaining them! Overall really well-designed course if you want to learn 1) how to use Pro Tools and 2) some mixing concepts/techniques.

por Dave P

15 de oct. de 2021

Chrissy moves fast! There is a lot of content in this short 4 week course, so be prepared to scrutinize each video in detail and to hang on every word. Excellent teaching style--engaging, charming, and clear. Well worth the time spent. It helps if you have some basic physics (acoustics and electronics) and music backgrounds, and/or are prepared to independently go into the technical topics she mentions. Thoroughly enjoyable, and I would highly recommend this course for anyone beginning to work with Pro Tools--it will leave you unintimidated and ready for more! Thanks Chrissy.

por Helen B

16 de mar. de 2016

Berkelee's Pro Tools Basics is one of the best courses I've taken here. Chrissy Tignor-Fisher is a wonderful teacher. She is very knowledgable and explains everything clearly, with an encouraging and inspiring attitude. The lecture videos are top-notch, with excellent presentation quality and tons of relevant information. Course assignments provide plenty of creative learning opportunities. Last but definitely not least, the peers in this course are so supportive, kind, and talented. It's been a joy to be a part of this course. Highly recommended to everyone! *****

por Paris S

7 de jul. de 2020

It is an excellent course that allows anyone to handle protools to be able to produce any kind of audio from original compositions to music for movies and documentaries, the course is extremely good, I hope they had a follow-up course at Coursera, 100% recommended

Es un excelente curso que permite que cualquier persona pueda manejar protools para poder producir cual quier tipo de audio desde composiciones originales hasta musica para peliculas y documentales, es extremadamente bueno el curso ojala tuvieran un curso de seguimiento en Coursera, 100% recomendado

por Janet E

17 de ago. de 2020

Excellent course, thank you! This course teaches basic audio processing concepts and techniques as well as the mechanics of using Pro Tools. Almost everything was new to me, but Chrissy explained and demonstrated it clearly. I couldn't install Pro Tools, so I used Garageband on a Mac instead, and was able to find Garageband equivalents for most of what Chrissy talked about. I enjoyed the variety of music in the homework assignments my classmates posted for review.

por Krishna K V

29 de jun. de 2020

I liked Chrissy's teaching style a lot. I would want to work with a producer like her. I was also able to learn a lot of about electronic music production. Some of the basic tips that were covered would be very useful for musicians from any genre. The only complaint that I have is that I had to struggle to get used to Pro Tools. I am a Cubase guy, and I would have loved if this was titled "DAW Basics" and the learners could choose their DAWs instead.

por Misa K

28 de dic. de 2018

Wow, this was such an awesome course! I look forward to taking more courses taught by Chrissy. Her instruction is impeccable, so clear, informative, and easy to understand. I'm not new to Pro Tools, but there are many gaps in my knowledge. This class not only reinforced my understanding of the fundamentals, but it filled in several of those gaps and made mixing, mastering, and using certain effects much more approachable. Thank you so much!!! A++

por Julia

8 de abr. de 2020

Loved it, the delivery was fantastic and I learned exactly what I wanted to learn without the distraction of going too far down paths I would've taken trying to self-teach. Also, the participation with other learners is invaluable, provides a feeling of connectivity, and because it's moderated, it's very useful and encouraging. Looking forward to continuing my learning and producing, thank you all who make this stuff happen!

por Harry K

8 de jun. de 2016

Top quality. I have read many instructions manuals on Pro Tools, and too many poor YouTube videos. I have learned more in this course than in all of my other investigations and studies put together. Clear, concise, and understandable. It gets to the essence of understanding and being able to use Pro Tools. Avid should hire Chrissy Tignor-Fisher. Excellent instructor! Please consider an advanced course in the future!

por Leo A

25 de ago. de 2017

Amazing course, The teacher was amazing and made learning on Pro Tools easy and exciting.

My only gripe isn't with the teacher but the class requirement description. If you don't have Pro Tools, you will have to either buy it or have the 30 day free trial but you will also need an iLok that costs $50 so be prepared to POSSIBLY spend more than you expected if you think you want to audit or even take the class.

por Timothy A

29 de ene. de 2019

I learned so much from this class. I have done lots of recording, but needed to start working with protools.. This class has given me the capability to get up and running and hit every major area of protools. There are some nuances that I have to figure out still, but they can be addressed. Having taken this one this class I can actually use protools for real recording sessions. Instructor was great


17 de jun. de 2020

It is a wonder to me that I had gotten anything done in ProTools before taking this course! I learned new and much better ways to produce the choir recordings I was working on. Because of COVID-19, my choir could no longer meet, but thanks to ProTools I can now remotely mix individual recordings of choir members together, producing songs they can be proud to share.

por Jan S

15 de mar. de 2016

An absolute joy! Chrissy has a wonderful presentation style and an ability to explain in detail without patronising the student. The best Pro Tools course I have undertaken, and the first Coursera course I have felt comfortable actually submitting work to.

I would be eager to follow any other Pro Tools courses presented by Chrissy.

por Diogo G

22 de ago. de 2020

Curso muito incrível e importante para um produtor em ascensão de carreira! Iniciativa maravilhosa. Única observação que faço é a de permitir o uso de outras DAWs, e não apenas o Pro Tools (Sim, o curso é sobre o Pro Tools, mas poderia deixar mais livre para escolher e usar outras plataformas durante as avaliações.)

por Silvia d A

23 de feb. de 2017

Very interesting course! Although I knew a couple of things before, I also learned a lot. On the other side, I was a bit limited at the moment of doing assignments since I used Pro Tools First. So certain things were only theory for me. However there was a lot of things to learn and I did! Thanks Chrissy!