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Learners will deepen their understanding and appreciation of ways in which race, ethnicity and cultural diversity have shaped American institutions, ideology, law, and social relationships from the colonial era to the present. Race and ethnicity are ideological and cultural categories that include all groups and individuals. Hence, this course is designed in significant part to take a broad look at the ideology of race and cultural diversity in America’s past and present. The primary focus is on the historical and social relationships among European Americans, Native Americans, African Americans, Latino/as, and Asian/Pacific Americans. Issues of race and ethnicity are examined across different ethno-cultural traditions in order to interweave diverse experiences into a larger synthesis of the meaning of race and ethnicity in American life. In this course, we conceive of “race” and “diversity” as references to the entire American population, even as we recognize that different groups have unique historical experiences resulting in distinctive and even fundamental cultural differences. We treat race and ethnicity as dynamic, complex ideological and cultural processes that shape all social institutions, belief systems, inter-group relationships, and individual experiences....

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Jun 08, 2020

This course is an excellent source of education! I learned so much, and feel so proud of myself for completing it, and getting grades that I never thought I could! Thank you, Coursera! :)


Jul 13, 2020

The topics were good, and the professor clearly knows his subject. The final paper took more time than expected, but overall I felt like I came away with more knowledge on the subject.

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por Sonya R

Jul 22, 2020

The Race and Cultural Diversity in American Life and History course was excellent! Although, I didn't expect to spend as much time as I did on the assignments, it was worth it. Through the lectures presented by Professor Anderson, supplemental reading and resources, and research done to complete the assignment, I have learned more about my cultural identity, become more aware of the ideology of race and how it has shaped the lives Americans from every ethnic background. The only suggestion I would like to make is that some of the transcribed lectures be proof read. There are many typos.

Sonya Rosario

por David E E

Jul 10, 2020

While it is true that some of the administration can be clunky, and the peer reviews, both given and received can be inconsistent, the course content was excellent. Truly covering both race and cultural diversity, including ethnicity and religion, the presentations and supporting readings were engaging and thought-provoking. Beginning the course, I was skeptical of getting lively interaction typical of a classroom setting, especially for such an emotional topic, but one upside of the peer reviews was the exposure to others' thought processes and growth over the duration of the course.

por Jessica W

Jul 17, 2020

I loved the content of the course. I found it opened up a number of avenues for continued exploration and learning. The first assignment was great! I loved the reflective nature of it and it helped me to start to explore my own culture and perspectives. I have two suggestions for the course in the future: (1) make the assignments more reflective rather than the research based format and (2) the duration listed for the individual reading was not accurate. One time it said it would take 10 minutes but one of the included videos was 17 minutes.

por Jake B

Aug 31, 2020

The course content was phenomenal. I learned quite a bit; several of my misconceptions were smashed to pieces. I highly recommend reading and watching the supplemental materials. The RACE documentary was particularly meaningful to me. A couple of the assignments were unclear as to the exact expectations. The instructions would list one thing, and the rubric would grade on something else, or grade on something unexpected. I think a bit more clarity on assignment expectations would benefit this course greatly. It's still 100% worth taking!

por Jean C T

Jul 29, 2020

The course taught me a lot of new information that I found to be very valuable. I can surely share what I have learned here in future conversations. My only critique would be that the course is not interactive enough. It was only based on peer reviewed assignments and had no in-lecture polls, quizzes etc. Also, the backgrounds/visuals were not very pleasing to the eye. I understand this is a course on a serious topic but those details count as well.

por Helena K

Jan 09, 2019

An excellent informative and well-explanatory course that every person living (not only) in America should take! Addressing issues that have always and still continue being -even subliminally- in the limelight and supporting, explaining them with historical and scientific facts can open the eyes of our contemporary society and make us learn and appreciate the beauty of our cultural richness and diversity that shapes the modern American identity

por Jennifer D F

Aug 09, 2020

The lectures and related content were organized and well-presented. The assignments could have stated more clearly exactly what the expectations were, as there were aspects for peer grading that I did not realize were an expectation. I was able to see what would contribute to the grade by advancing to the peer review page, but that feels like a work-around.

por Maria P

Jun 22, 2020

I find the course to be informative, I am taking the course as part of my staying at home while on Covid 19. I am not taking it as a credit course but that I am interested in everything that I have read so far, I would like to read on, if possible. I've seen all the videos read the articles. I like to ask permission to go on.

Thank you, MariaP.

por Pablo J B

Jul 12, 2020

The videos by Professor Anderson are very good. I would be great if the Professor or his team would be available for answering questions on the Forums, as well as students are indicated that the Forum is not to ask for their papers to be reviewed, but to exchange ideas and thoughts. The Faculty should have a more active role on the Forum.

por Gabriel P O

Jul 15, 2020

The course was good in regard to information and easy to digest. The at your own pace and supplemental readings were nice. Assignments were a little confusing in regard to description and expectations. It would be beneficial to see the rubrics along with the assignment guidelines.

por Elvina C

Jul 14, 2020

The content itself is interesting and well-presented

However, the issue arises with the given tasks. the mark scheme is only available once submitted yet is necessary to complete the task as it routinely differs in key ways from the task outline

por Chelsea D

Jul 10, 2020

This was a great, and very educational course. My only constructive criticism is a lack of clarity for the assignments. Some of the instructions weren't quite detailed enough to understand the depth of what was being asked for.

por Lydia B

Jul 20, 2020

This was my first experience with a Coursera class and it left a very positive impression. I learned, I felt engaged with the curriculum and the assignments, and I had to invest time/energy into the work weekly.

por Mildred M

Jun 25, 2020

I want to unenroll the course. I am having a hard time because it's too taxing for me... I really like the course but I cannot cope up... Thank you

por Heather L

Jul 29, 2020

I found this course both educational & compelling. I learned a lot. It would be nice to have news clips or video examples embedded in the course,

por Lori D

Oct 09, 2020

Great class! I walked away with a wealth of knowledge about race and prejudice and the history of that particular topic. Great class!

por Ty K

Jul 10, 2020

Very interesting content. Final research papers were interesting. Caught someone plagiarizing and reported them.

por Lisa S

Jul 06, 2020

I learned a lot and although the assignments were challenging for me, I am very glad I completed the course.

por Rodney B

Jul 22, 2020

Great course. A lot of work for a free course, so might as well pay for it and get the cert!

por Maria L C

Jul 23, 2020

self study, self discipline,

materials were great. keep on learning

por DR. N K

Jul 12, 2020

good know this things around you

por Avi M

Jul 31, 2020

While I enjoyed the lectures and information, I had a few gripes with this course. I was not interested in workload that felt like busy work, graded by random people on the web. There are other courses who have used small quizzes showing that we learned what the lecture went over, without me doing my own research and finding sources and hoping some random person likes what I wrote in a paper. The first peer review assignment was interesting, but the rest felt like a complete waste of time. I decided to just watch the lectures, as I'm here to learn things from someone who knows more about the subject than me. Thus I had to unenroll in the course after the lectures because I wasn't interested in doing an essay on some random topic.

Also, another slight negative, the lectures were at times difficult to follow, since the instructor slows down and breaks up his sentences often, as he appeared to be coming up with the sentences on the fly, with only small notes of certain dates or study names instead of a full script to read/memorize. I had to speed up the video to almost 2x, and just read the manuscript to truly follow the sentences he was saying.

Again, great subject... I wish there were more lecture information here, but the busy-work turned me off from this course. Please tell us the things related to the subject. Sure if we were in a university in class setting, the research and peer review makes sense, but an online course will sit better to a wider audience without an extensive research essay, especially peer-reviewed.

por Anne E S

Jul 09, 2020

I'm giving it three stars because I didn't feel like there was a professor at the helm or a teacher assistant. If they were involved at all, they didn't make their presence known. If this is implied in the course description, it should be made explicit. That said, I really appreciated the videos and readings. The assignments need to be more clear and streamlined in terms of requirements. For instance, the final paper is mentioned and part of the final 3 assignments. Each assignment shares the ultimate goal of writing this thesis paper but each time it is mentioned, the assignment sounds slightly different and the information isn't complete. APA formatting isn't mentioned until the end but that would be good to know for the 3rd week assignment of building the references. The criteria for grading is also not in the spirit of this course. It is said from the beginning that as a peer reviewer we should not focus so much on the writing ability but the criteria covers technical things (like APA) that distract from the point of taking the course. This may be carried over from a letter grade course at U of I but carries less relevance to its current use. I hope this constructive criticism is read and addressed by someone leading this course.

por Timothy D

Jul 09, 2020

Enjoyed the content and found the additional resources to be fantastic! However, the assignments left much to be desired. The assignments themselves were vague and the rubrics (IF provided) were not clear. The course also has a peer review system, which would be fine, but grades seemed totally random. One week I received two 100% markings and one 30%!!