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This is a course about addiction to drugs and other behaviors. It will describe what happens in the brain and how this information helps us deal with and overcome addiction. It will also discuss other topics, such as government policy and our vulnerability to take drugs....

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23 de jul. de 2020

One of the best course. Before I took up this course I have negative feelings towards the drugs addicts. But this course completely change my behavior and opinions towards them. Thank you so much.


1 de abr. de 2018

I learned a lot from this course that I have been able to use in a ministry capacity. If you are trying to help others with addiction or understand it for yourself, this is the course for you.

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por Gita E

4 de jul. de 2019

This course is amazing and well-taught by a wonderful emeritus professor. As someone interning at the ER from 7-5 PM every weekday, the course load for this course is not unbearable. I was able to complete at least 4-5 videos every day while at the ER. Now that I have completed the course, I have a better understanding of how addiction precautions can be applied at the ER.

por Shayantani C

3 de mar. de 2016

One of the finest courses of the Coursera. The topic is interesting as to how certain release of chemical neurotransmitter is involved in day to day life factors . The experiments and scanning of the brain imaging techniques show how the brain responds in various factors like how a drug addicted brain differs from the normal brain in metabolism. Interesting

por Qianyi O

23 de sep. de 2015

I did this course last year, since I had psychological knowledge so it was not too hard to understand all the concepts. What really attracts me is the forum, I just tried to post my question about assignment at forum, then quickly got a reply from my peer, from then on, I started to participate on forum discussion and did learn a lot. So, come to join us!


24 de sep. de 2015

Highly rated course.

A very good choice for youngs and seniors with addiction or not. Very important to prevent addictive trends and to help addicted people, because Dr Michael KUHAR explains very clearly and very simply with a choice of experiment and other examples, complex brain behaviors. Thank you to Emory University and to Coursera too.


1 de jul. de 2018

This course was absolutely great, somehow sometimes difficult because I am not english native and neither in a medical field. All the knowledge I discovered is so interesting! And it also helps to open one's mind to see drug addiction and drug users with an other point of view! Thank so much for the quality of your course. Martine


27 de oct. de 2020

Excelente texto de aprendizaje: recursivo, pedagogico y altamente academico. El material visual de gran soporte pedagógico y la calidad de los correlatos acadmémicos ayudan a darle peso a la seriedad del problema tratado. Las lecturas de gran riqueza académica y al nivel del programa propuesto. muchas Gracias por este regalo.

por Nikki N

8 de abr. de 2021

Very complete course and very interesting. Pity I finished it... Sometimes a bit hard to follow the language since I am Dutch, I do speak and understand English well, but this is another level ;-). But with a lot of translating and reading things in Dutch I managed to finish it. Thank you Dr Kuhar for sharing your knowledge!

por Agathe G

22 de nov. de 2021

I would really like to thank you the Emory University and the professor for making this highly interesting content available. I think the courses are well organised and not too heavy which allows a complete dedication. I recommend even if you are not studying in psychology or health sciences as it is serious knowledge.

por Lakshmi V

23 de mar. de 2020

I have taken 7 courses in coursera till now, and among all I find this one the best one. The course was structured beautifully, with case studies, reviews and good end week quizes. The professor was amazing and I truly learnt a lot.I would like to thank emory university for giving me such a great learning experience.

por Malamati V

10 de nov. de 2020

I really enjoyed the course, it was very educational and all the concepts were explained thoroughly and multiple times. I would further suggest the creation of an "honors" extra course (extra weeks included in the existing course) with further information on the neurobiology of drugs in the brain.

por Sarah A

27 de oct. de 2021

Excellent course, it was very informative and covered a lot of topics. I appreciated the fact that the professor spoke slowly as it allowed me to take in more information. There were lots of appropriate visual and the suggested reading were applicable and heplful. I highly recommend this course!

por mary h

12 de ago. de 2016

I found this course well structured and concise. It covered a lot of the subject with up to date information. It had helpful diagrams and gave good real life examples. Highly recommend for everyone to help understand substance misuse and possible treatments. Also it's role in the wider society.

por Adriana B d A

9 de abr. de 2017

I learnt so much about addiction and what it does to the brain...I wish I known this since I was a teen. I have been sharing my learning with my family and friends and looking forward to helping my community in this aspect. Thank you ever so much for such valuable AND LIFE SAVING INFORMATION!

por Angela T

2 de jun. de 2016

I am a graduate student of counseling. This course added a dimension to my coursework and future career that was both needed and very much appreciated. Ideas are broken-down into understandable portions. It is helpful to have some knowledge of how neurons work and terms associated therein.

por Alvaro R

17 de jun. de 2018

One of the best courses about Drugs, taking them in an objective way, very interesting and complex enough for undergrads, it's good to know also about policies, treatment and decriminalization. Would like to be in a course focused only in pharmacokinetics of drugs by the same insitution.

por Jannatul M R

24 de may. de 2020

I have completed the course. 😇 I think, Michael J. Kuhar is an amazing instructor and I am impressed by his teaching capabilities. It was quite easy to follow the whole materials. Loved this course and eagerly waiting to do more courses on addiction. Thank you Coursera and Mr. Kuhar.❤️

por Somya M

21 de may. de 2020

Listening to this course by Michael Kuhar gave an immense feeling of satisfaction of understanding a complex subject in a simpler way and that too with interest. Adding to the icing is the review towards the end of each week and after last week. The best on Coursera so far! Thank you!

por Niranjana B

2 de ene. de 2018

The Course had a good view of the Drug classes and the structured ways of getting out of it, the compulsions and the related health syndromes that makes one to relapse.

This is a good course for any one who wants to get to the ways of Brain functions and the drug interactions.

por Pat C

5 de oct. de 2015

Great course. I liked the deadline notification option. I also liked the opportunity to complete work at my own pace with the final deadline the end of the course. With my busy schedule, this option was wonderful and allowed me to complete all of the assignments for credit.

por George C

16 de sep. de 2019

Lessons are very informative and some in the advanced weeks can be very challenging if you do not have a science background. But all round, the professor explains all concepts very clearly and gives review questions at the end of every video lesson. The quizzes are good too.

por Anubhav Motilal

23 de abr. de 2020

This course is a fairly good course if you want to learn the basic mechanisms that underlie substance abuse and the consequences on an individual and the society as a whole. It is substantiated with research studies and gives you a pretty comprehensive understanding of it.

por Larissa A

17 de abr. de 2020

The course was very well structured and with the right amount of information for beginners. I would love to deepen my knowledge in future courses about other types of "addictions" such as how the mechanisms of food reward happens and leads humans to emotional eating issues.

por Abigail W

10 de abr. de 2020

This has really helped me have a better understanding of addiction. I am a high school human development teacher, and I will be able to give this information to my students and feel more confident about it. It will strike some interesting conversations, and I cannot wait!

por Kamila Ś

9 de nov. de 2016

A wonderful and enlightening course with clear and precise explanations on how does a drug influenced brain function. The course also looks into human and animal behaviour and the nature of addiction and motivation. I recommend it to anyone interested in the matter.

por John R P

17 de sep. de 2017










































I learned a great deal about the mechanisms involved in drug addiction , drug policy, and risk and protective factors. The professor was knowledgeable and taught in a very understandable way.