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StatisticsLinear RegressionR ProgrammingRegression Analysis

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Fechas límite flexibles

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Aprox. 14 horas para completar

Sugerido: 4 weeks of study, 5-7 hours/week...

Inglés (English)

Subtítulos: Inglés (English)

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About Linear Regression and Modeling

This short module introduces basics about Coursera specializations and courses in general, this specialization: Statistics with R, and this course: Linear Regression and Modeling. Please take several minutes to browse them through. Thanks for joining us in this course!

1 video (Total 2 minutos), 2 readings
2 lecturas
About Statistics with R Specialization10m
More about Linear Regression and Modeling10m
2 horas para completar

Linear Regression

In this week we’ll introduce linear regression. Many of you may be familiar with regression from reading the news, where graphs with straight lines are overlaid on scatterplots. Linear models can be used for prediction or to evaluate whether there is a linear relationship between two numerical variables.

8 videos (Total 47 minutos), 3 readings, 2 quizzes
8 videos
Least Squares Line11m
Prediction and Extrapolation3m
Conditions for Linear Regression10m
R Squared4m
Regression with Categorical Explanatory Variables5m
3 lecturas
Lesson Learning Objectives10m
Lesson Learning Objectives10m
Week 1 Suggested Readings and Practice10m
2 ejercicios de práctica
Week 1 Practice Quiz8m
Week 1 Quiz18m
2 horas para completar

More about Linear Regression

Welcome to week 2! In this week, we will look at outliers, inference in linear regression and variability partitioning. Please use this week to strengthen your understanding on linear regression. Don't forget to post your questions, concerns and suggestions in the discussion forum!

3 videos (Total 24 minutos), 5 readings, 3 quizzes
3 videos
Inference for Linear Regression11m
Variability Partitioning5m
5 lecturas
Lesson Learning Objectives10m
Week 2 Suggested Readings and Exercises10m
About Lab Choices10m
Week 1 & 2 Lab Instructions (RStudio)10m
Week 1 & 2 Lab Instructions (RStudio Cloud)10m
3 ejercicios de práctica
Week 2 Practice Quiz6m
Week 2 Quiz16m
Week 1 & 2 Lab20m
3 horas para completar

Multiple Regression

In this week, we’ll explore multiple regression, which allows us to model numerical response variables using multiple predictors (numerical and categorical). We will also cover inference for multiple linear regression, model selection, and model diagnostics. Hope you enjoy!

7 videos (Total 57 minutos), 5 readings, 3 quizzes
7 videos
Multiple Predictors11m
Adjusted R Squared10m
Collinearity and Parsimony3m
Inference for MLR11m
Model Selection11m
Diagnostics for MLR7m
5 lecturas
Lesson Learning Objectives10m
Lesson Learning Objectives10m
Week 3 Suggested Readings and Exercises10m
Week 3 Lab Instructions (RStudio)10m
Week 3 Lab Instructions (RStudio Cloud)10m
3 ejercicios de práctica
Week 3 Practice Quiz16m
Week 3 Quiz20m
Week 3 Lab20m
2 horas para completar

Final Project

In this week you will use the data set provided to complete and report on a data analysis question. Please read the background information, review the report template (downloaded from the link in Lesson Project Information), and then complete the peer review assignment.

1 reading, 1 quiz
1 lectura
Project Files and Rubric10m
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Principales revisiones sobre Linear Regression and Modeling

por PKMay 24th 2017

Very good course taught by Dr. Mine who is as always a very good teacher. The videos are very eloquent and easy to understand. Highly recommend it if you are looking for a basic refresher course.

por RZMay 25th 2019

I feel I'm running out of complement words for this course series. In conclusion, clear teaching, helpful project, and knowledgeable classmates that I can learn from through final project.



Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel

Associate Professor of the Practice
Department of Statistical Science

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Statistics with R

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