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Accounting Analytics explores how financial statement data and non-financial metrics can be linked to financial performance.  In this course, taught by Wharton’s acclaimed accounting professors, you’ll learn how data is used to assess what drives financial performance and to forecast future financial scenarios. While many accounting and financial organizations deliver data, accounting analytics deploys that data to deliver insight, and this course will explore the many areas in which accounting data provides insight into other business areas including consumer behavior predictions, corporate strategy, risk management, optimization, and more. By the end of this course, you’ll understand how financial data and non-financial data interact to forecast events, optimize operations, and determine strategy. This course has been designed to help you make better business decisions about the emerging roles of accounting analytics, so that you can apply what you’ve learned to make your own business decisions and create strategy using financial data. ...

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Jun 12, 2018

One of the most practical courses I have taken in Coursera. Highly recommended for professionals in Business, Strategy, and Finance & Accounting departments, as well as stock market investors.


Feb 05, 2016

The course makes accounting interesting and especially the examples are very illustrative. Virtual students bring some fun. The 4th week is however really integrated in the course structure.

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por Nathan L c

Aug 02, 2019

Excellent, for others just know the 3 first weeks are very challenging and need a lot of investment from you ( trying to play with the Excel). At the beginning thought the accounting teacher was strange but at the end I understood he is trying to keep you interested and do it nicely. Maybe one of the few course where you fell like you are in a class and you "know" the teacher. Really great course, the last week is really easy and with another teacher so was a bit sad to change but still great.

por Ramesh C C

Apr 04, 2020

It has been a while since I have taken my last accounting class in my MBA. Accounting can be complex and confusing and needs a lot of effort from the professors to maintain student engagement and focus. I am extremely happy with how the class was engaging, funny and was able to hold the attention of the students. There was a clear picture of how much effort has gone through in creating this course. Especially want to mention professor Bushee's lectures. Very well designed.

por Sudhir G

Feb 09, 2016

Great working examples to learn Analytics in Financial Statement Analysis. Pace of videos was great. Working excel worksheet gives perfect hands on experience to vary and run the scenarios. Having done "Introduction to Financial Accounting" by same professor gave little bit more visibility into reading statements and understanding ratio analysis.

Virtual Classroom is getting more new students in each course. I am looking forward to Advance Financial Accounting course.

por Sunny G

Aug 05, 2017

Although it felt like a handsome knowledge o accounting was required to begin with, it turned out to be a really good course. Dr. Brian Bushee's videos were informative, engaging and entertaining! Dr. Christopher Ittner's week was very well explained too. A little more depth into operating the model (calculations and statistical measures) would be appreciated though. Overall, a very handsome overview of analytics onto financials.

por Mikel R

Apr 23, 2020

Awesome course, I have really enjoyed the last week when the linkage between non financial metric and financial performance is established and so many important ideas are discussed , it's like a perfect resume of the whole specialization program. Congratulations for the capacity to teach how to think in a way to take the best decissions based on data and accurate indicators chosen individually for each business

por Thomas T

Mar 26, 2020

I want to thank Prof. Bushee for his fantastic accounting classes. I tool Introduction to FA, More Introduction to FA as well as Accounting Analytics and I cannot recommend them enough. From not knowing how to approach FS I have now almost become an accounting manipulation/fraud detector, eager to read FS. I don't do Accounting professionally, but took these classes to help me pick good financial investments.

por Adams A J

Mar 19, 2016

This course was very informative and can easily be used in any business setting. I can go an apply the methods learned in this course to any organization's financial statement to get a better idea of their financial performance. I really enjoyed in week 4 how the information learned in prior weeks can be tied to nonfinancial measures in developing a causal model to improve the performance of a company.

por Tsotne K

May 05, 2020

Professors are really good, First 3 weeks were really great, I had a feeling that I was actually in a lecture, not an online course. Overall course was really good, the only problem I have experienced was finding materials, it is really easy now after I know where to find it, but on the first lectures, I was not familiar and it took me some time. Thanks to professors and Coursera :)

por Anan B

Jul 10, 2017

The course with its in-depth information and refined texture has helped me to gain a lot of knowledge, and also helped me to look at at real life accounting issues with additional statistical spectrum in place.

Both the professors has provided quality lectures and reading materials which I am going to brush-up over the period of time as appropriate. Thank you Coursera.

por Alan N D V P

Dec 26, 2016

Excelente curso! Os professores são ótimos e trouxeram tanto a parte de análise pura de números como de percepções humanizadas também, o que acho essencial para minhas tomadas de decisões. Além disso, o curso foca que os indicadores não dão nenhuma certeza, mas lhe dão embasamento para as tomadas de decisões, o que me fez abrir muito a cabeça.

por Abishek G S

Jun 01, 2019

I loved the entire course and it taught me a lot of things that were unknown to me prior to taking it up. The professors were very knowledgeable and experts in their field and it had been an amazing learning experience. One of the few accounting courses that could never be termed "boring" ! Kudos and Cheers, Prof. Bushee and Prof. Itner !

por Niya L

Apr 24, 2017

This is the first English course I have taken.

Though at first it was kind of difficulty because of language(especially the terms) and profession knowledge(it is a comprehensive course and I am still learning courses concerned at school)

the course is really worth taking. I have learned a lot .and it stimulates my interest in accounting.

por Ihemanma W

Apr 08, 2018

Truthfully , It was a real challenge for me since i had no accounting backgrounds but it was amazing, and the professors were gifted. i couldn't help but wonder how they got so good in the field. And as a graduate of education, i think the teaching methodology was engaging and perfect for all kind of learners. Thank you so very much.

por Given M

Jun 09, 2020

A well-taught course with great insights on detecting potential earnings manipulation through detailed financial statements analysis and the analysis of managers' motives, means and opportunities to engage in such activities. All was capped by a brilliant link between non-financial data and the financial performance of the firm.

por Jingxia P

Jan 17, 2016

Five stars is not enough to express my satisfaction and love to this course.

The instructor is very proactive in community. Every questions I posted got direcly feedback from Teaching staff (and most of them are from Prof Bushee!!!)

This is the besttttt course among all Wharton analytics sessions! Honestly, you have to try!!

por Chandrahas S

Jan 26, 2018

I think it is a very useful course to get a better understanding of accounting analytics. Week 1,2 and 3 provides a good understanding of how ratios can be used to understand financial performance and detect frauds and week 4 provides a good insights on linkages between the non-financial measures and financial performance

por Francis I Y

Nov 20, 2018

This course is highly recommended. I gain lots and lots of knowledge with regards to accounting analytics, such as different tools and techniques in ratio analysis and earning management , prediction model and gain and develops new insights and understanding of financial and non-financial performance.

por Sarah D

Apr 07, 2016

Thank you for offering this course. It has taught me a lot of things that I hadn't known. I'm interested in Accounting and there were some times I didn't know where I could gain the materials for study. Now thanks to your courses, I don't need to worry so much. Hope you will continue to produce more

por Wang D

Nov 06, 2016

I believe that it is a fantastic course for those have some basic accounting knowledge and the willingness to enter compliance area. More importantly, the concept linking financial and non-financial decisions are also fantastic to bring accounting to life! I do love both professors in the module!

por Dmitriy K

Jun 20, 2017

This course provides helpful tools for understanding company's real earnings power. Lectures provide spreadsheets and a step by step guidance on how to use them. I learned that one could use Benford's law to identify data manipulation. Great thanks to Professor Bushee for his talent and passion.

por Suhaimi W C

Oct 13, 2020

Great course. Learned a lot about accounting analytics, business strategy, business analysis, detecting abnormal financial accounting in financial statements. Excellent contents and lots of tips and actions to take from this course. Thank you both Professors for teaching this course.

por Octavio C R

Sep 06, 2020

Excellent course, very well developed and structured to provide participants with great tools and insights. Excellent content of analytics models with all relevant information to be interpreted when doing accounting analytics. Great overall introduction to Bensford Law and M-Scores.

por Prashant N M

May 02, 2018

The course content is so lucid that it levels up the learner irrespective of his/her functional/domain understanding. And the interesting part is practical applicability of learning in professional & personal area. Thank you Coursera; Brian J Bushee & Christopher D. Ittner

por peisong c

Mar 16, 2016

Very interesting course, well designed, using animated fun-makers to shoot out questions that you will probably do it yourself.

Course content easy to understand. Very suited for non-accounting major analyst who wants to get some background in accounting analysis..

por Zachary M M

Oct 31, 2016

This was very challenging course for me... I felt you needed a strong knowledge base of financial statements to really understand what triggers potential fraud, deception. I think I will need to re-review the course material to reinforce the concepts. Thanks!