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In this course you will learn how to program in R and how to use R for effective data analysis. You will learn how to install and configure software necessary for a statistical programming environment and describe generic programming language concepts as they are implemented in a high-level statistical language. The course covers practical issues in statistical computing which includes programming in R, reading data into R, accessing R packages, writing R functions, debugging, profiling R code, and organizing and commenting R code. Topics in statistical data analysis will provide working examples....

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11 de ago. de 2019

Very challenging, but good course. I've been programming in R for over a year, but there were still some things for me to pick up in this class. Assignments were a challenge, but satisfying to tackle.


11 de jul. de 2016

Excellent course! I already knew a lot about R - but this class helped me solidify what I already knew, taught me lots of new tricks, and now I have a certificate that says I know `something' about R!

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por Roberta D M

3 de abr. de 2021

The course teaches random aspects of R, and you have to guess or look for information elsewhere to solve most of the assignments. The videos are often difficult to follow (you struggle to read what the tutor is typing) and there is no direct practical application. Surely, you need to know already a lot about R or you need to spend a lot of time on other resources to be able to complete the assignment. A lot of wasted time!

por Parker S

28 de ene. de 2020

There's a major disconnect from the basic teaching material provided and the first big quiz. All of the actions that need to be taken to complete the quiz is not provided in the lesson material. I understand the interest in teaching people how to look elsewhere for help and learn how to ask questions on forums, however as students in this program will be in their infancy in this program, we do not know what to even ask.

por Quoc N

10 de feb. de 2018

This course is not beginner coding friendly . The assignments contain instructions and code that were not explained in lecture. The first coding assignment has students utilize concepts only found in stickied threads in the discussion board. The second coding assignment also decides to toss another coding function not explained in lecture. I give this a 1 star based on how unsupported I feel by the lecture material.

por Aditya V N

6 de may. de 2020

Teacher was super boring and it was difficult to grasp the concepts. I would not recommend this especially to beginners, the course makes it seem a lot more difficult than it actually is, you should try learning from other sources. On top of all that, if what is taught in this course is addition, the assignments are on Laplace Transforms. I had to do a course from somewhere else just to finish this one.

por Bryan T

5 de ago. de 2019

Instructor routinely introduces new functions while trying to explain another new function, and requires assignment submissions using functions either briefly encountered, or not yet covered. Course would be much improved by using only previously covered functions during explanations, and not blasting many rarely used advanced functions along with more common and practical beginning functions.

por Donald L K

4 de jun. de 2016

I'm giving this course one star because zero stars is not an option.

I wish I had read course reviews prior to beginning. First assignment was tough... but do-able. Second assignment seems straight forward, but the template they ask that you follow contains small tricks which appear to be FAR BEYOND anything touched on in lectures.

I'm actually going to fight for my money back, what a scam.

por Benjamin L

20 de ago. de 2016

This course was frustrating, the learning curve nearly vertical, the material dense and inaccessible, and the evaluative assignments impossible for new users of R without outside resources. No one should take this course unless they are powering through it for the Data Science specialization. Otherwise, would-be students should just buy an R For Dummies book, and use materials elsewhere.

por Vernon T

22 de ene. de 2021

I found this to be the weakest course yet ( poorly guided, poor instructed, and huge assumption of prior R knowlegde. The main issue is that there is NO online chat capability. I spent over 7 hours trying to work out an issue in RStudio and Github all because of the really , really poor instructions. I'm not happy and so much so that I am not going to complete the rest of the modules).

por Omar A

1 de jun. de 2018

I did not enjoy this course at all. Even though I work as a software developer, this "Introduction to R" was very boring, and the lack of real examples in the lessons made me very confused as to why we do stuff.

More over, the assignment level comparing to the content in the videos is too high in my opinion.

The only thing I enjoyed through the course was the swirl package.

por Daryl A

11 de sep. de 2020

If you read the 4 and 5 star reviews they are people who have R experience already. The only prereq for this course is supposed to be regression experience only. This is definitely a learn completely on your own with the videos and text provided by the actual course completely useless. If you are new to R or any programming at all this course will do very little for you.

por Yes I H a N

6 de abr. de 2020

In desperate need of an ISD. Very bad descriptions, the quizzes are not sufficiently built around the lecture content, heavily relies on using an "optional" external module which is vastly superior to the actual course content....but the external module is only presented at the very end. Not impressed. Far too much external searching for unaddressed concepts and ideas.

por Tolani B

20 de ago. de 2019

This is one of the worst course i have ever taken on coursera, the assignment is so different from what was taught in class, in fact they have nothing in common and the instructor gulps so much and so frequently and he teaches as if he is in a hurry, if there was a lower rating than 1 star, thats what i would have rated it, i spent months on this course. awful

por Aditi M

7 de ago. de 2017

They say that this course is for beginners, but it's really not! Someone recommended I take this course to get ahead in my career, but honestly it takes hours on end to learn and the slides are unclear as well as lack basic information to learn. I had to use the internet a lot as well as a friend to teach me basic concepts otherwise I would have been lost.

por alazarek

1 de jun. de 2016

Death by power point. If you can learn from essentially listening to a pod cast and reading unix type manual pages, then this course is for you! If you're like the rest of the population, then these lecture videos are useless. The only redeeming quality to this course has been the homework, but you can find them online or come up with them on your own.

por Rukesh G

12 de jul. de 2020

There is an incredibly wide difference between the levels lectures and the exercises presented on Swirl and the coding needed to pass the assignments. This is a huge detriment to the learning objectives of the course.

It seems like the "lectures are about addition of two numbers" and the "programming assignments are like differential calculus".

por Nicolas P

17 de jul. de 2022

There is no a good examples on how to work the labs. I bought the book and the files, useless. The book only gives basic deifinition and examples in R but when you read the lab required for week 2 there is no help, it is frustating. Tehy should label this course as Intermmediate and not Begennir, is very deceptive. Dropping this course.

por Arne K

27 de may. de 2021

To my opinion there's a huge disconnect between the lectures and the programming assignments. A lot of functions/programming required in assignments is not taught in the lectures and thus need to be looked for in other sources. Moreover, the lectures contain a lot of weak languange making it unnecessarily difficult to follow.

por James S

13 de mar. de 2016

Completely lost. This is not meant for rank beginners. Data Camp's free R course has been much more helpful for me than this. It doesn't have the same level of detail as this, but at least I'm not watching an instructor gloss over concepts or ideas that are completely foreign to me as someone completely new to programming.

por Swagata B

25 de ago. de 2020

Had the toughest time doing this course. A huge lag between course content and the assignments. Kindly consider upgrading the course content so its better designed for beginners. Or at least consider providing additional reading material or helpful information. This course is hardly becoming of a John Hopkins' course.

por Attila C

22 de ene. de 2018

1) The faculty should talk more about the slides, draw on them. It is hard to follow in the current form. 2) The assignments are not relevant to the learning, except week 4. 3) The faculty speaks too slow. I listened to him at 1.5x speed. 4) Plotting should have a bigger part in the course. 5) SWIRL is GREAT!

por Swapnil G

22 de sep. de 2019

The course lacked overall structure which really impedes learning. There was barely an explanation of why we were learning a particular topic. I believe it might be really helpful to have an overarching project that we work throughout the course, and new topics are introduced in relation to that project.

por David

28 de feb. de 2016

Only the most basic of instructions for R, which are bland and easily read in the documentation or other free resources. There are very few best practices or real examples to use anything found within. The quizzes and assignments do not match the lecture material and are contrived. Not worth the money!

por Eric J S

6 de ago. de 2019

The lectures never motivated the subject matter. The material should have been broken up across multiple courses and be introduced as needed. The course difficulty was highly uneven, expectations from the lectures were noticeably lower than expectations for the quizzes and especially the projects.

por Tanvir A

6 de ago. de 2020

Don't do this.Don't waste your time.The instructor teaches you like normal A,B,C,D and the assignments were like go to the moon and come back within half-an-hour.

Watch how Dr. Chuck designed his PYTHON FOR EVERYBODY course and the assignments and learn how to design course module .Disgusting !!!

por Thomas A

30 de jun. de 2018

Course has the appearance of being quickly thrown together. Assignments are impossible to complete due to random number generation mismatches. Lecture content frequently does not really help with the assignments, and a lot of the video information is extremely useless in real world applications.