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Spreadsheet tools like Excel are an essential tool for working with data - whether for data analytics, business, marketing, or research. This course is designed to give you a basic working knowledge of Excel and how to use it for analyzing data. This course is suitable for those who are interested in pursuing a career in data analysis or data science, as well as anyone looking to use Excel for data analysis in their own domain. No prior experience with spreadsheets or coding is required - all you need is a device with a modern web browser and the ability to create a Microsoft account to access Excel online at no cost. If you have a desktop version of Excel, you can also easily follow along with the course. Throughout this course, you'll gain valuable experience working with data sets and spreadsheets. We'll start by introducing you to spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, and show you how to load data from multiple formats. From there, you'll learn how to perform basic data wrangling and cleansing tasks using functions, and expand your knowledge of data analysis through the use of filtering, sorting, and pivot tables. There is a strong focus on practice and applied learning in this course. With each lab, you'll have the opportunity to manipulate data and gain hands-on experience using Excel. You'll learn how to clean and format your data efficiently, and convert it into a pivot table to make it more organized and readable. The final project will allow you to showcase your newly acquired data analysis skills by working with real data sets and spreadsheets. By the end of this course, you'll have a solid foundation in using Excel for data analysis. You'll have worked with multiple data sets and spreadsheets, and will have the skills and knowledge needed to effectively clean and analyze data without having to learn any code. So let's get started!...

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8 de ene. de 2022

it's amazing how the course was designed for beginner,. Modules were easy to follow and Labs were also very clear. I am very happy with the accomplishment but his is only the beginning of a new time.


24 de may. de 2022

Wow, the practical (Hands on ) part is a boom! How did the course disigner/ instructor and the rest of the team involved manage to do that?

Also the review well done and easy to follow!

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por Steve C

10 de nov. de 2020

There are problems with the peer-reviewed project grading rubrics. Other learners who, of course, are not subject experts do not always grade properly - sometimes completely wrong. Although you can send a message to your peer reviewer, I have never received a follow-up explanation or response. There is no practical recourse to appeal the unfairly peer graded assignment, other than to re-do and re-submit the assignment - which is time consuming and wasteful! I think there needs to be a robust process in place to have subject experts, such as the course instructors, to review disputed peer reviewed and graded assignments. Not once have I received a response from the Help Desk when I have reported a problem - this, too, is a big disappointment!

por Gustavo F G

2 de oct. de 2020

In my humble opinion, this module should not be in this course. If one is pursuing a career in Data Analysis and do not know the most basics and simple excel concepts and functions that is the contents of this course of the program, I believe this person is in the wrong program and should first get more excel knowledge.

por Maria

21 de oct. de 2020

The course in general is very good and I recommend it. The only thing I think that could be better is a warning for students with Mac and those who don't have Excel's full version: some of the shortcuts and functions mencioned on the lessons needed for practical exercises will not work/be available. I had to work simultaneous with Web Excel and Googlesheets and constantly google other alternatives to accomplish the tasks.

por Traci H

24 de dic. de 2021

Great course, even for those people that are using Excel every day, this course shows quite a few different ways to improve your abilities to present the data and best practices for cleaning dat.

por Manish

25 de feb. de 2021

I enjoyed it a lot in this course. I am good at working with spreadsheets, but still I learn a lot, and in the right direction. Thanks, IBM team for this wonderful course.

por Emily G D

29 de nov. de 2020

I learned a lot of Excel fundamentals from the course. However, in my experience, having access to an instructor or classmates would have been helpful. For the final assignment, be sure you’re downloading the correct data sets. The first time, I downloaded the data sets from the provided original source link. However, the correct data sets are from other provided links. I was so confused when the directions were out-of-sync with my data sets. Had to redo the assignment using the correct data sets! Good content in course videos, although some of it pertains to older versions of Excel and does not match the interface and functions of Excel 2020. 3 Stars due to lack of clarity in assignment instructions, outdated material, minimal access to classmates, and no access to an instructor.

por Ezinne E

4 de nov. de 2020

Exceptional. Very good for a beginner and intermediate learner. I needed this course to refresh myself on some excel skills and I achieved my goal. Thank you IBM & Cousera!

por orakanma c

10 de ene. de 2022

The course was very interesting and educating. I learnt a lot of things i didn't about Excel. The shortcuts and different ways to do things were really cool.

Thanks to Coursera and IBM.

por Herick M

7 de ene. de 2021

All IBM courses have excellent teaching skills. I learned a lot from the Excel Basics for Data Analysis course and I thank the teachers and the IBM and Coursera institutions a lot

por Bongurala G

8 de nov. de 2020

The design of the course is very interactive and a person without any knowledge can understand and execute the program effectively. One of the best course, it improved my understanding of data analytics to take further.

por Ihuoma I

16 de feb. de 2021

A great starter for excel training. I learnt a lot of shortcuts as well as obtained new information on functions, organizing and sorting data and cleaning it up.

por Raksha S

8 de ene. de 2021

As a budding Data Analyst, I was well aware of how Excel is one of the most important software which I needed to be proficient in but was not getting the apt learning source for a beginner. The 'Excel Basics for Data Analysis' course offered by IBM is undoubtedly the best way to be introduced to the Excel terminologies, interface, and use it efficiently. I could learn the very fundamentals of Excel and apply it to various workbooks as I got along the course. The course covers everything required and has been instructed in basic language, making it easy for a beginner like me to understand. This is definitely the best course to learn about Excel!

por Theodore J M

4 de mar. de 2021

I am very happy with this process and am eager to tackle the main skills of Data Analysis. As someone who is not very technologically savvy, I am very comfortable with the material and the sequential process to improve my knowledge at my own pace.

por Matt M

14 de mar. de 2021

I had excel skills before this course, but it was extremely helpful to go through a refresher on things I already knew and also further expand on my skillset. Really enjoyed the labs and being able to complete tasks myself.

por Rebecca H

5 de dic. de 2020

Easy to follow along, good ordering of the content presented. I would have liked to have more on Pivot Charts in addition to Pivot tables, but all in all, this was an enjoyable course. I picked up a few excel shortcuts I hadn't been using, which I am excited to use in my own work moving forward.

por Marco A A V

11 de nov. de 2020

Bastante completo pero seria genial tener más práctica

por STAS P

19 de oct. de 2020

lucks essential explanation for data cleaning , modification and agregation

excel may be great tool for data analysis with small datasets but this course does not teaches it at all

this course also lucks practice and final assignment is to easy

por Maura P

14 de ene. de 2021

A great stepping stone if you have never bothered with using Excel in a professional setting before. This course will navigate through the most used shortcuts, commonly used functions and formulas, and real life scenarios from professionals across various fields. The exercises are simple to follow, and each video is neatly worded, so that students can take notes, or save them directly into their course online. It's my first Coursera course, and I'm now sure I'll be trying out more courses after such a pleasant experience.

por Spencer

16 de mar. de 2021

Excellent primer for using Microsoft Excel. In this course you go over pivot tables (very necessary) as well as cleaning, organizing, and placing data. In addition, you learn some deeper functionalities in Excel. 5/5 course. A must take course for anyone wanting to understand data and how to use it/organize it in meaningful ways.

por Amit K

24 de oct. de 2020

This course is really well designed, one should must try this for basic learning of excel.

It's a wonderful experience to learn this course, it will definitely embrace my skills and going to help me to move forward in future.

por Gerlando T

24 de feb. de 2022

el curso es bueno, te ayuda a como trabajar con datos sabiendo ediante atajos del teclado usando Excel, y no necesariamente debes trabajar con fuertes tecnologias. Me parecio util este curso

por Addo G

1 de ago. de 2021

The course has really helped me become familiar with using Excel for data analysis. i recommend it for anyone who has no knowledge about how to use Excel and also for amateur Excel users.

por Todd C

16 de oct. de 2021

Its well done, clear and concise. Some of the material is slightly out of sync with the very latest version of Excel Web, but it forced me to look deeper, which wasn't a bad thing.

por Anna C

5 de feb. de 2021

Everything was good and clear, except for one thing: I didn’t have Recommended Pívot tables button in my Excel web version. So I haven’t tried this type of exercise...

por Julieta C

4 de oct. de 2020

Very basic; I didn't learn anything new.